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Eco-Gifts Give All Year Long, UF Professor Says

Published: Dec 21st, 1998

GAINESVILLE—Advice guru Abigail Van Buren liked Marie Hammer’s holiday counsel so much, she passed it on to her readers in a recent Dear Abby column.

TVs, Computer Monitors Contain High Lead Levels, Study Finds

Published: Dec 3rd, 1998

GAINESVILLE — A University of Florida study has determined cathode ray tubes inside television sets and computer monitors contain enough lead to be considered hazardous waste, a finding that may spur officials in Florida and elsewhere to forbid or restrict the current practice of dumping televisions and monitors in landfills.

Genetic Uniqueness Threatens Florida Manatee’s Future

Published: Nov 12th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — As Florida manatees lumber into warmer waters this month for their winter respite, they’re admired for their unique appearance and lovable charm. But it’s that very singularity that University of Florida scientists say could be leading the gentle sea cows down the path to extinction.

New Research Shows Loggerhead Sea Turtles Sustain Delicate Dunes

Published: Nov 5th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Nesting sea turtles may do more than hatch future generations of loggerheads — they also may be ensuring the future of the nation’s fragile coastline, new research at the University of Florida shows.

UF-Designed Plant container Slashes Water Consumption

Published: Oct 23rd, 1998

GAINESVILLE — A University of Florida-designed plant container that traps and recycles water could help commercial nurseries solve a vexing problem: how to give plants enough water without exceeding limits on water consumption.

UF Biotech Breakthrough Drives World’s First BioMass-To-Ethanol Plant

Published: Oct 19th, 1998

GAINESVILLE—A breakthrough biotech “bug” developed by a University of Florida scientist will help produce 20 million gallons of ethanol fuel annually at the world’s first commercial biomass-to-ethanol plant.

Research To Broaden Knowledge About Cattle Ranching At Crucial Time

Published: Oct 8th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — How to make cattle ranching more environmentally friendly without driving ranchers out of business is the subject of a major University of Florida study getting under way this month.

UF Engineers’ Lab-Altered Silicon Could Speed Computers Dramatically

Published: Oct 2nd, 1998

GAINESVILLE — When scientists and engineers began using silicon to make semiconductor devices more than 40 years ago, it was the first step in what would turn out to be one of the most powerful inventions of the 20th century: the computer chip.

UF Scientist: Calusa Indian Site Reveals State May Face More Hurricanes

Published: Sep 28th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — A stormy past warns that Florida may be in store for more destructive hurricanes if scientists are right about the threat of global warming, new University of Florida research suggests.

Researchers Aim To Keep Termites From Gorging On Florida Homes

Published: Sep 17th, 1998

GAINESVILLE—You’ve got your security system on, burglar bars up and guard dog at the ready. Feel safe?