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The Next Big Speed Boost: Parallel Computing With High-Speed Networks

Published: Dec 11th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — An accountant for XYZ Widget Co. has stepped out for lunch and left his computer running with the Dilbert screen saver doing its job.

UF/UC Researchers Design Fusion Reactor To Power The Future

Published: Nov 20th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — Researchers at the University of Florida and University of California, Irvine, have designed a fusion reactor that will produce electricity twice as efficiently as a traditional coal-burning power plant and, unlike nuclear power plants, will involve no radioactive fuels or byproducts.

UF Researchers Seeking To Make Building Materials More Earth-Friendly

Published: Nov 6th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — Roofing shingles, gypsum board and concrete blocks could join newsprint, milk jugs and aluminum cans in the recycling bin and may help the construction industry save money in the process, say researchers at the University of Florida.

Photocatalytic Air Cleaning System Promises To Help Allergy Sufferers

Published: Oct 9th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — Allergy and asthma sufferers soon may have a new weapon in their fight against airborne enemies: an indoor-air cleaning system that uses light and simple chemicals to destroy the dust mites and mold spores that cause many allergies.

UF Researchers: Nuclear Power Will Make Mars Trip Shorter, Safer

Published: Oct 1st, 1997

GAINESVILLE — As the world marks the 40th anniversary Saturday of the first Sputnik launch and the dawn of the Space Age, scientists at the University of Florida are working on a nuclear propulsion system they say could shorten a 600-day manned trip to Mars by more than a year.

Faster, Cheaper Computer Revolution May End Soon, Say UF Researchers

Published: Sep 23rd, 1997

GAINESVILLE — The era of smaller, faster and cheaper computers may soon end because microscopic silicon chips are getting so small that eventually they will contain too few atoms to work, warn two University of Florida researchers.

Super-Thin Computer Screens Near Reality For Use In Tight Spaces

Published: Sep 10th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — Hospital rooms, surgery suites, fighter plane cockpits and tanks — high-priced real estate where space is at a premium. They also are perfect places for super-thin color computer monitors that will result from technology being developed at the University of Florida.

New Land Mine Detectors May Help Fulfill Princess Diana’s Dream

Published: Sep 3rd, 1997

GAINESVILLE — A revolutionary new land mine detection system, developed at the University of Florida originally for military use, is ready to be converted for a humanitarian effort to rid the world of leftover land mines lurking in former war areas.

UF Researchers Build A Runway As A Landing Zone For Lightning Bolts

Published: Aug 20th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — After designing and building their own runway, equipped with typical lighting, signs and surface area, University of Florida engineers now plan to wreak electrical havoc on their new creation by causing lightning to strike it.

PAL-2 Computer Promises Dramatic Improvements In Image Processing

Published: Aug 15th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — A pizza-box size desktop computer as fast as 9,000 Pentium processors soon will dramatically speed and improve everything from airport luggage checks to mammograms, using a mathematical computer shorthand developed at the University of Florida.