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Satellites Help Researchers Find New Habitats For Endangered Wildlife

Published: Dec 17th, 1996

GAINESVILLE —With species extinction on the rise and biological diversity on the decline, researchers are using satellite imagery in a search for possible new habitats for endangered wildlife.

UF Researchers Looking To Alternative Sources For Tomorrow’s Water

Published: Oct 28th, 1996

GAINESVILLE —The old saying, “You don’t miss your water until your well runs dry,” soon could ring true in Florida, experts say, unless someone figures out where the state’s future water supplies will come from.

Researchers Work To Make Environmental Testing Simpler, Less Costly

Published: Sep 30th, 1996

GAINESVILLE — As President Clinton pushes for quicker cleanups of urban waste and stricter enforcement against environmental crimes, researchers at the University of Florida are trying to make environmental testing methods simpler and less costly.

UF Engineering Students Develop World’s Fastest Milling Machine

Published: Sep 9th, 1996

GAINESVILLE — Staying one step of ahead of industry, a group of engineering students at the University of Florida has developed the world’s fastest milling machine.

Hurricane Experts Gather To Discuss Lessons Learned From Destruction

Published: Jul 11th, 1996

GAINESVILLE — As residents along the Atlantic Coast keep a wary eye on Hurricane Bertha, experts from around the country are trying to analyze the lessons learned from last year’s destructive storm season — the busiest in more than 60 years.

UF Joins IBM To Help U.S. Manufacturers Get Technological Advantage

Published: Jun 28th, 1996

GAINESVILLE — Joining forces with IBM and several other companies, researchers at the University of Florida are attempting to give hundreds of thousands of American manufacturers a leg up on foreign competitors.

Wastewater Wetlands Could Be Answer For Developing Nations

Published: Jun 13th, 1996

GAINESVILLE — Developing nations, where drinking the water or even swimming in the ocean can be dangerous, may find a low-cost solution to their environmental woes by using wetlands for wastewater treatment, says a University of Florida scientist who is building such a system in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Record Funding From State Makes 1996 A Good Year For Florida Beaches

Published: May 24th, 1996

GAINESVILLE — In the wake of the busiest hurricane season in 60 years, it looks like 1996 will be a good year for Florida beaches after Legislators approved a record amount of funding for beach projects.

Areas Facing Radon Danger Unlikely To Adopt New Prevention Measures

Published: May 2nd, 1996

GAINESVILLE—Florida has new building standards to keep radon from seeping into homes, but areas that face the greatest threat from the gas likely will not adopt the preventive measures, says a researcher who helped develop them.