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Sex education in Florida schools varies widely, not available to all students

Published: Nov 5th, 2007

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A University of Florida study reveals sex education programs in Florida’s public schools vary widely in content and often are afforded little class time — and many students miss out altogether.

UF study: School district size often determines fate of zero tolerance

Published: Oct 25th, 2007

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — The size of the school district often determines whether students are punished under zero tolerance policies and given another chance for an education, a new University of Florida study finds.

UF becomes first university in U.S. to establish EU-funded Jean Monnet Centre

Published: Sep 12th, 2007

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — The University of Florida has become the first American institution to receive funding from the European Union to establish a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on campus.

UF study: ‘Course shopping’ costing students and colleges

Published: Aug 20th, 2007

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — It is a familiar source of frustration for anyone who has studied in a university or community college: you desperately need a specific course, but the class is full by the time you get to register.

Hispanic students perform better in colleges with larger Hispanic communities, UF study finds

Published: Feb 15th, 2007

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Hispanic students at community colleges with large Hispanic populations are more likely to earn higher grades and complete their courses, according to a study headed by a professor at the University of Florida’s College of Education.

UF study: Teacher merit pay boosts student standardized test scores

Published: Jan 4th, 2007

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A carrot for teachers helps students stick to the books, according to a new University of Florida study that finds merit pay for instructors equates to better test scores for their pupils.