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UF Study Points To Garbage, Recycling Trucks As Source Of Litter

Published: Feb 23rd, 2000

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Residents in search of neighborhood litterbugs may need to look no further than the garbage and recycling trucks that pick up their garbage — as well as their own sloppy handling of household waste, according to a University of Florida study.

Communication Scientist, Engineer Craft Voice Diagnosis Tool

Published: Nov 6th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — It’s a kind of CAT scan for professional singers’ voices.

American Movie Makers Still Afraid Of Slavery, Says UF Researcher

Published: Jul 2nd, 1997

GAINESVILLE —Modern American movies need to feature more accurate portrayals of slavery so the country can deal with the past and move on, says a University of Florida researcher studying images of slavery in film.

UF Marketing Professor Predicts Summer Movie Hits And Misses

Published: Apr 30th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — Dinosaurs will devour the box office again this summer as the “Jurassic Park” sequel “The Lost World” outperforms all other releases, a University of Florida professor predicts in a new study.

UF Researchers Create A Suit That Makes The Wearer A Living Keyboard

Published: Apr 9th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — A lone dancer clad in a form-fitting, white suit stands in the center of a dark, silent stage. With his face concealed by a mesh mask and wires protruding from the material, he resembles a robot in a science fiction film.

UF Professor Goes Back To The Future With “Star Wars”

Published: Jan 29th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — With the 1977 blockbuster “Star Wars” returning to the wide screen Friday, ardent fans of the film wonder if a new generation of movie-goers will embrace its old-fashioned story and mix of special effects with the same enthusiasm as original audiences.

Today’s Scary Stories Are Tame Compared To Victorian Age Tales

Published: Oct 25th, 1996

GAINESVILLE — The “Goosebumps” series might frighten kids today into sleeping with the lights on, but these tales are tame compared to stories written in the 17th and 18th centuries that told of children baking in ovens, being eaten or transforming into wild animals.

UF Data Base To Give Monumental Help Around The World

Published: Jun 10th, 1996

GAINESVILLE — Monuments around the world that have been damaged by war, neglect and pollution are the focus of restoration and preservation efforts through a data base developed at the University of Florida.