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UF Study: Two-Thirds Of Older Adults May Not Be Immune To Tetanus

Published: Dec 23rd, 1998

GAINESVILLE—Two out of three senior citizens may lack adequate immunity to tetanus, a life-threatening central nervous system ailment contracted when bacteria invade an open wound, usually a deep puncture or cut made by a nail or a knife, University of Florida researchers report in the journal Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology.

Exercising Just Three Days May Provide Heart Attack Protection

Published: Dec 9th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — It’s mid-morning on Cape Cod and the thermometer has barely climbed above 50 degrees, but 72-year-old Joseph Sullivan is out walking. Every day he puts his headphones on and walks two or three miles around Cape Cod’s Kelley Park.

UF Researchers Find Anxiety Decreases Driving Ability

Published: Oct 20th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — As the drivers in the Pepsi 400 revved their engines last weekend and prepared to face the difficulties of the Daytona race course, there were millions of drivers in the United States preparing to face what they believe are the same challenges.

UF Researcher: Elderly Should Ignore Stereotypes About Memory Loss

Published: Jul 23rd, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Older people are much less likely to have major memory problems if they believe in themselves and work to improve their recall, a newly released University of Florida study finds.

UF Researcher: Elderly Vacationers More Than Tour Bus Passengers

Published: Jun 29th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Older tourists are ditching the bus tour and ocean cruise stereotypes, opting instead for more active vacations that include sports, shopping and even archaeology, a new University of Florida study finds.

Elderly Face Risk Of Impaired Memory Following Major Surgery

Published: Apr 29th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Anesthesia and surgery can impair short-term memory and cause confusion and other cognitive declines in some elderly patients, according to an international study initiated by University of Florida researchers.

UF Researcher Explores Front-Line Duty of Nursing Home Assistants

Published: Mar 19th, 1998

GAINESVILLE—Verbal and physical attacks are common in the nation’s nursing homes, but who many of the victims are might come as a surprise: nursing assistants, who endure aggressive behavior from residents on a daily basis, a University of Florida researcher has found.

UF Study: Men Think They Have Better Memories; Women Really Do

Published: Mar 12th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Popular notion has it that a man won’t ask directions when lost on the road, but perhaps he should seek help from a woman to find something in the house, a University of Florida study suggests.

Seniors Engage The Outdoors And Explode Myths About Retirement At UF’s 4-H Camp Ocala Elderhostel Program

Published: Mar 5th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Audrey Heath owns her own kayak, walks four miles a day and can paddle a canoe for hours. An avid student of American birds, she hikes through scrub brush toting binoculars in pursuit of a rare avian find.