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Only nature can restore Everglades

Published: Mar 22nd, 2010

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s proposed land deal with the U.S. Sugar Corp. has the familiar anatomy of history repeating itself, in perverse reversal.

War of the Worldviews: Why Avatar Lost

War of the Worldviews: Why Avatar Lost

Published: Mar 12th, 2010

Avatar had audiences rooting for nature, against the destruction of marauding tanks — but the Oscar went to the film that offered a soldier’s-eye view.

On Web, families of victims entitled to privacy

Published: Mar 2nd, 2010

Recently, several employees of a Florida hospital came under investigation for allegedly snapping and possibly e-mailing pictures of the ravaged body of Stephen Schafer, the Stuart kiteboard surfer who was fatally attacked by sharks on Feb. 3.