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Muscular Dystrophy Drug

Published: June 22 2014

Monique Griffen is no stranger to the doctor’s office. She suffers from muscle weakness that was progressively getting worse and doctors didn’t know why.

Back Pain Relief

Published: January 5 2012

Lower back pain affects four out of five Americans and has become one of the most frequent causes of medical visits and lost-duty time for soldiers. Now a new University of Florida study says exercise alone isn’t the best way to prevent lower back pain in soldiers.

Holiday Stress

Published: December 14 2011

‘Tis the season for stress. While the holiday season’s supposed to represent the most wonderful time of the year, for many people holiday cheer can quickly turn into holiday jeer.

Aggressive Kids

Published: November 15 2011

Kids should think twice before picking on early maturing girls or late maturing boys in their class. A new University of Florida study links violent conduct in schools to some students’ timing in puberty.

Tomato Salmonella

Published: November 9 2011

You should keep washing those tomatoes before you cut and eat them. But a new University of Florida study shows that still won’t guarantee the tomatoes won’t contain the bacteria that cause the most food-borne illness in humans, salmonella.

Restroom Germs

Published: October 25 2011

No one likes to use a public restroom, but millions of Americans use them everyday. Now a new University of Florida study suggests that germophobes aren’t the only people who should be careful when using a public lavatory.

Safer Grapefruit

Published: October 19 2011

Warnings about grapefruit show up on some prescription drugs, as it can interfere with certain medicines. Now University of Florida researchers are developing a tasty grapefruit that won’t come with a warning.

School Math

Published: October 11 2011

Tougher national math standards will mean students in middle school will get an early dose of statistics, but states and school districts have few reliable methods to test student improvement in the subject. With a two-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation, University of Florida researchers are developing better assessment tools for middle and high school students’ progress in statistics.

Cat Fertility

Published: September 29 2011

They might seem cute and cuddly, but some of the cats you see roaming neighborhoods or hanging out by restaurants are wild animals, born without any people caring for them. Now University of Florida researchers say a vaccine may help control feral cat populations.

Invasive Species

Published: September 15 2011

A variety of non-native snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs and others are invading the Sunshine State, according to research from the University of Florida. Researchers have documented nearly 140 introduced species of amphibians and reptiles between 1863 and 2010.

Parental Drinking

Published: September 6 2011

Many parents say they know the importance of setting a good example for their children. Now a new University of Florida study warns parents that drink alcohol can lead their children to engage in a very risky behavior behind the wheel of a car.

Better Lights

Published: August 31 2011

University of Florida researchers are flipping the switch on a bright idea that might outshine both incandescent bulbs and fluorescent light bulbs.

Flu Resistance

Published: August 25 2011

With flu season approaching, experts are worried about an old strain. Researchers at the University of Florida’s Emerging Pathogens Institute don’t expect the old strain of H1N1 to return as a threat. But, they’re concerned about what the current strain of H1N1 might learn from the old one.

Pain Relief Warning

Published: July 21 2011

Many people rely on over-the-counter medicines like ibuprofen and naproxen for pain relief. But now a new study warns these pain relievers and others that are similar can prove harmful for older adults with heart disease who overuse them.

Red Wine Benefits

Published: June 21 2011

Contrary to popular opinion and wishful thinking, you may not find the fountain of youth in a bottle of red wine, but a key compound in the wine could make old age a little easier to tolerate. A University of Florida review of human clinical research on resveratrol shows there haven’t been enough human studies to prove the compound’s really beneficial.

Singing Mice

Published: June 15 2011

There’s proof that rock stars really do get the most attention from the ladies. A new University of Florida study shows it’s a common phenomenon in a tropical breed of singing mice.

Baby Teeth

Published: June 14 2011

Even though a baby’s teeth will eventually fall out, experts say caring for a child’s teeth at an early age can prevent harmful dental infections and even keep their teeth healthier into adulthood. Now University of Florida researchers are trying to determine if these early interventions are worth it.

Peanut Allergen

Published: June 8 2011

Allergies keep three million Americans from eating classic American foods, peanuts or peanut butter. Now University of Florida researchers are using the proteins inside the nuts themselves to help create hypoallergenic peanuts.

Coffee Robot

Published: April 21 2011

For many people, it takes a hot cup of coffee to get going in the mornings. But now you may not have to get out of bed at all to get that coffee fix. A University of Florida engineering student’s invented Joe-On-The-Go, a robot that’s part alarm clock and part waiter.

Teen Drug Use

Published: March 31 2011

Experts say teen drug and alcohol use has surged in recent years, but many parents struggle to help their kids deal with the problem. Now a new University of Florida study says school can make a big difference in teens’ lives outside the classroom.