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University of Florida business student Samantha Miller (right) questioned studies that label women as poor negotiators. She and her professor, Yellowlees Douglas (left), launched a study that reversed those findings. Credit: Ben Simons/University of Florida

Why everything you’ve heard about women and negotiation might be wrong

Published: April 16 2015

University of Florida student Samantha Miller was listening to a lecture on a commonly held trope about negotiation -- that women are bad at it -- but the conventional wisdom didn’t fit with her experience at all.

Nationwide survey: UF ranks 9th among public universities, UF Health 25th in Forbes’ “America’s Best Employers 2015”

Published: April 9 2015

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- A survey of more than 20,000 employees nationwide shows the University of Florida ranks No. 9 among public universities in Forbes’ first-ever listing of “America’s Best Employers,” while University of Florida Health is ranked 25th among all health-care providers.

Rising Consumer Sentiment Fueled by Floridians’ Positive View of the Future

Published: March 27 2015

Consumer sentiment among Floridians rose in March by more than 3 points to 96.8, the highest reading in 10 years, according to a monthly University of Florida survey. All five components that make up the index increased.

Getting Gators to stay in Gainesville

Published: March 17 2015

With so many career opportunities and a thriving entrepreneurial climate, why would a UF student not explore life in Gainesville after graduation? That’s the thinking behind the “Stay in the Swamp” Career Fair to be hosted this Thursday in Hough Hall by the Hough Graduate School of Business.

Economist Nancy Folbre to discuss the importance of the ‘Care Economy’

Published: March 2 2015

Nancy Folbre, professor emerita of economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, will give a free talk on Monday, March 16th at the University of Florida. Her lecture will examine how feminist social science applies to, and has the potential to change, traditional economic theory. The talk will be held at 5:30 pm in the Ustler Hall Atrium. This event is open to the public and includes time afterward for questions and discussion.

Florida Consumer Sentiment Index-Feb2015

Consumer sentiment among Floridians continues upward trend

Published: February 27 2015

Floridians’ consumer sentiment rose more than a point from last month to 94.7 in February, the seventh straight month of increase, according to a new University of Florida survey.

Providing those who served with an opportunity to thrive

Published: February 18 2015

From a construction company in Detroit, to a cleaning service in Tampa, to an engineering firm catering to government agencies in Jacksonville, veteran-owned enterprises are flourishing with the help of an innovative entrepreneurship program at the University of Florida.

UF celebrates entrepreneurial spirit at inaugural Gator100 Awards

Published: February 6 2015

The University of Florida’s most innovative and emerging companies were celebrated Friday at the inaugural Gator100 Awards.

UF's New Cell-Phone-Only Survey Shows Big Jump in Florida's January Consumer Confidence

Published: January 30 2015

Consumer sentiment among Floridians rose sharply to 93.3 in January, almost 6 points higher than December’s reading, according to a new University of Florida study.

UF entrepreneurs to be honored at inaugural Gator100 Awards

Published: January 27 2015

Wondering which University of Florida alumnus’ company has experienced the highest revenue growth over the past three years? The answer will be provided at the inaugural Gator100 Awards Feb. 6 at the J. Wayne Reitz Union’s Grand Ballroom.

Florida's December consumer confidence continues upward trend

Published: December 30 2014

Consumer sentiment among Floridians continued its steady rise to reach a post-recession high in December of 87.4, the highest level since February 2007, according to a monthly University of Florida survey.

UF extends highest honor to engineering pioneer Linda Parker Hudson

Published: December 22 2014

Linda Parker Hudson, the first woman to lead a major aerospace and defense company, has received an honorary doctorate in science from the University of Florida, the highest honor the university can give an individual.

University of Florida scientists think they’ve found the first potential biological control strategy against laurel wilt, a disease that threatens Florida’s avocado industry. The redbay ambrosia beetle, see here, bores holes into avocado trees, bringing the disease that causes laurel wilt.
Credit: Lyle Buss, UF/IFAS

UF/IFAS scientists find potential biological control for avocado-ravaging disease

Published: December 2 2014

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- University of Florida scientists believe they’ve found what could be the first biological control strategy against laurel wilt, a disease that threatens the state’s $54 million-a-year avocado industry.

Florida's November consumer confidence reaches post-recession high

Published: November 25 2014

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Consumer sentiment among Floridians hit a post-recession high of 86 in November, an increase of two points over October, according to a monthly University of Florida survey.

Ebola not likely to alter Americans’ holiday travel plans, survey shows

Published: November 12 2014

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Ebola may be a worldwide health crisis, but a new study shows it’s not likely to keep many Americans from heading over the river and through the woods for the holidays.

UF: Floridians' growing consumer confidence falters just a smidge

Published: October 28 2014

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Consumer sentiment among Floridians dropped a point in October to 82, the first decline in the index since May, according to a monthly University of Florida survey.

UF: Florida's September consumer sentiment reaches post-recession high

Published: September 30 2014

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Floridians’ consumer sentiment this month reached its highest level since before the Great Recession began and after it ended, according to a monthly University of Florida survey. The index inched up one point from August to 83 – a level not seen since April 2007.

UF: No change in Florida's August consumer confidence

Published: August 26 2014

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Consumer sentiment among Floridians remained flat at a post-recession high of 82 for the third consecutive month in August, according to a University of Florida survey.

The Coca-Cola Co. donates additional $1.5 Million to UF/IFAS to fight citrus greening

Published: August 13 2014

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The University of Florida Foundation today announced a second gift of $1.5 million from the Coca-Cola Co. in support of long-term research aimed at preventing a widespread disease that affects crops in Florida’s $9 billion citrus industry.

Florida’s consumer confidence hits new post-recession high

Published: July 29 2014

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Consumer confidence among Floridians rose two points in July to 84, hitting another post-recession high for a second consecutive month, according to a new University of Florida survey.