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Multimedia: UF survey: Florida real estate market slips once again

Published: December 1 2011

Multimedia: Under lab conditions, Salmonella can reach tomato fruits through leaves, UF study shows

Published: November 9 2011

Multimedia: UF researchers say they can create grapefruit hybrid that won't interfere with medicine

Published: October 19 2011

Multimedia: UF researchers: Single dose of contraceptive vaccine controls fertility in cats for years

Published: September 29 2011

Multimedia: Parents play a powerful role in predicting DUI

Published: September 6 2011

Multimedia: Florida real estate markets slip amid economic worries, political infighting

Published: August 11 2011

Multimedia: UF study strengthens concerns about long-term use of certain painkillers

Published: July 21 2011

Multimedia: GianRare deep-water giant squid from South Florida brought to UF for research

Published: June 28 2011

Multimedia: UF study: When singing mice choose a mate, a skillful song gets the gal

Published: June 15 2011

Multimedia: UF researcher reduces allergens in peanuts using pulsed light

Published: June 8 2011

Multimedia: UF breaks ground today for $45 million Clinical and Translational Research Building

Published: May 26 2011

The University of Florida today will launch construction on its new Clinical and Translational Research Building, a new home for research that will speed scientific discoveries to patients.

Multimedia: Germ-killing sanitizers could have effect on alcohol tests

Published: May 12 2011

Multimedia: Vibration helps reduce pain in chronic sufferers, UF researchers find

Published: March 22 2011

Multimedia: UF study: College students often miss mark when reporting 'normal' hearing

Published: March 15 2011

Multimedia: MRSA may not be the bully of the gym after all

Published: March 3 2011

Multimedia: UF researchers find surgical breast biopsies overused in Florida

Published: February 10 2011

Multimedia: Shark attacks increase worldwide; Florida continues four-year decline

Published: February 7 2011

Multimedia: Florida's real estate outlook perks up in several areas, UF survey finds

Published: February 1 2011

Multimedia: Floridians grow suddenly optimistic about economy, UF research finds

Published: January 25 2011

Multimedia: UF study: Exercise could help prevent, treat eating disorders

Published: January 13 2011