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Charitable campaign starts today

Published: October 3 2011

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A campuswide campaign is helping Gators help others.

Exploring genetics, culture and disease

Published: March 23 2010

The 'CensUS' wants you!

Published: March 1 2010

Graham Center focuses on civic engagement

Published: February 16 2010

What is InsideUF?

Published: February 2 2010

New faculty, new Pathogens Research Facility and 2010 legislative session

Published: January 28 2010

Showcasing UF and Florida's future scientists

Published: January 15 2010

A season for gratitude

Published: November 24 2009

Each day we are fortunate to wake up and go to work for one of the largest, most-respected public universities in the country – filled with students who infuse this campus with their energy and optimism. And as our friends up north will soon be reminding us, you cannot beat the weather.

Group encourages student art appreciation

Published: November 10 2009

DCP is national sustainability leader

Published: October 27 2009

Yesterday, Oct. 26, the College of Design, Construction and Planning (DCP) officially opened its interdisciplinary teaching/research facility, Citylab-Orlando. Located in downtown Orlando, the program will bring sustainable design training to urban challenges in central Florida. In so many ways, DCP’s professional programs and activities model multidisciplinary approaches to sustainability.

Guzick defines integration vision

Published: September 29 2009

Building blocks.

New dean reflects on Gator Engineering

Published: September 14 2009

No engineer is an island.

Back-to-school message: Machen e-mail to faculty and staff

Published: September 3 2009

Welcome to the new school year!

Published: August 31 2009

We had a busy, productive summer, and all signs point to a fruitful year ahead.

Provost Glover’s speech at the inauguration of the Gran Telescopio Canarias

Published: July 24 2009

“The University of Florida’s partnership in the GTC reflects our continuing quest for international opportunities in world-class research projects. In 2001, we had opportunities to join other large telescopes, but we chose to join the GTC for several reasons. It offered one of the world’s most advanced telescopes at one of the world”s best astronomical sites. While we prize the observing time this affords us to peer into he universe, we realize you offer much more than that.

UF nurtures local and statewide economies

Published: July 24 2009

Center is leader in children's culture

Published: April 6 2009

Graduates become alumni for life

Published: March 24 2009

As we get ready to celebrate the upcoming graduation of the Class of 2009, it is a good time to think about the important role alumni play in the life of the University of Florida.

ELI achieves highest enrollment in history

Published: March 4 2009

Greetings Gators!

Published: February 17 2009