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Real Estate Woes

Published: July 28 2010

Workplace Stress

Published: January 6 2010


Published: December 17 2009

Christmas Expectations

Published: December 16 2009

Parents are trying to keep their kids and their family budgets happy this holiday season. With some advice, here’s UF family financial researcher Michael Gutter.

November Consumer Confidence

Published: November 24 2009

Phytochemicals Diet

Published: October 21 2009

A plate full of brightly colored foods does more than please your eye. Colorful foods like spinach, strawberries, and orange squashes are high in phytochemicals. According to a University of Florida study, a diet with a high phytochemical index can reduce the risk of heart disease and obesity.

Tough Ticks

Published: September 23 2009

Snake Venom

Published: September 15 2009

Zinc Immunity

Published: August 31 2009

Florida Shrinks

Published: August 18 2009

New Healthy Tea

Published: June 25 2009

OCD Kids

Published: June 17 2009

Clean Hand Scanner

Published: June 3 2009

More than 250 people die every day from hospital-acquired infections. Now a new technology from the University of Florida could help prevent some of those deaths by helping health care workers keep their hands clean. Here’s UF anesthesiology professor Richard Melker.

Shark Safety

Published: May 19 2009

Online Schools

Published: May 18 2009

Birds Attack

Published: May 18 2009

Girl Defenders

Published: April 22 2009

Hearing Loss Pill

Published: February 17 2009

Largest Snake Fossil

Published: February 4 2009

If you’re afraid of snakes then even the smallest one probably seems huge. Now University of Florida researchers have helped identify remains of the largest snake ever known to exist.

Update: Weekly

Published: November 17 2008