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UF Honors program associate director elected to National Collegiate Honors Council

Dr. Melissa Johnson, associate director of the UF Honors Program, has been elected as a Fellow of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC). The NCHC Fellows are hard-working members of honors education and strive to make an impact in the honors community nationally.

“I’m proud of Dr. Johnson for her recognition as an NCHC Fellow. She has been active and contributing to Honors in significant ways for many years,” said Dr. Mark Law, Director of the UF Honors Program.

In order to be considered for the honor, a candidate must be nominated by three current NCHC professionals, students or institutional member, which only one may be from the same institution as the candidate. NCHC Fellows are chosen through a rigorous peer review process after consideration of a large list of qualifications and the significant impact and influence the individual demonstrated of NCHC and honors education worldwide.

This recognition of being a fellow in the organization is one of the NCHC’s highest distinctions and is reserved for people who have an outstanding commitment to honors education and that standard of learning.

Johnson is not only committed to honors at the University of Florida, but she is a member of the Board of Directors, an Editorial Board member, one of the program reviewers and co-chair of professional development committee for NCHC. She is the only member from the UF, and the second youngest Fellow to be elected. She will be formally recognized at the NCHC annual conference in Boston in November.

“I am thankful for the many opportunities I have had to be a producer of new activities and knowledge regarding undergraduate honors education, “Johnson said. “I especially appreciate the support of my colleagues across the country and in the UF Honors Program which has led to this recognition as a Fellow of the National Collegiate Honors Council.”

Celeste Mahfood Author
August 30, 2018