Our most-read stories of 2017

December 22, 2017
UF News

Here’s what UF News readers clicked most this year.

1) Extinct tortoise yields oldest tropical DNA

An unlucky tortoise that fell into a sinkhole 1,000 years ago captured the imagination of Reddit, which led tens of thousands of readers to the story to discover what scientists could learn from the tortoise's DNA. Full story

2) Being rude to your child’s doctor could lead to worse care

Don’t snap at your child’s doctor: It could have harmful or even deadly consequences, according to research by management professor Amir Erez and doctoral student Trevor Foulk. Full story

3) UF first in Florida to crack U.S. News list of top 10 best public universities

Being a Florida Gator got even greater in September, when U.S. News & World Report named UF a top 10 public university, coming in at No. 9. Full story

4) UF applications hit a record high

More than 34,000 prospective students applied for admission to UF during the summer and fall semesters of 2017, a nearly 8 percent increase over the 2016 total. UF admitted 13,214 for a 38 percent acceptance rate. Full story

5) Becoming visible, Part 1

The first installment in our series on up-and-coming female scientists at the Florida Museum of Natural History featured Michelle Barboza, a paleontology graduate student whose podcast covers the history of women in science and issues surrounding gender inequality in STEM. Full story

6) Eight UF programs ranked top 10 in the world, according to new rankings

The Center for World University Rankings named UF's entomology department the world’s best, with programs from agriculture to zoology also making the world’s Top 10. Full story

7) Why you can’t think of that word on the tip of your tongue – and how to fix it

It happens to everyone at some point — you know the word, you just can’t think of it. Maybe that’s why readers clicked on this story with tips from psychology professor Lise Abrams. Full story

8) WILD life

Crossing the country in a retired ambulance, the recent UF grads behind a new Nat Geo WILD series are hoping to get viewers hooked on nature. Full story

9) Space plants

These UF scientists are on a mission to feed Mars. Here’s how and why they send plants into space. Full story

10) Sunken treasures

UF News dove deep to reveal how Florida Sea Grant boosts the economy and environment by lending expertise to artificial reefs. Full story

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