From Royal Society to Rate My Professors, Christou shines

May 9, 2016
Aileen Mack and Alisson Clark

Distinguished Professor George Christou of the University of Florida chemistry department has had a banner year: First, he was named UF’s Teacher-Scholar of the Year for 2015-16. Then he was inducted into UF’s Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars. And today, the Royal Society of Chemistry in the United Kingdom awarded him the 2016 Nyholm Prize for Inorganic Chemistry, putting him in the company of 47 Nobel Prize winners who have also garnered RSC honors. The Nyholm Prize is given every two years to recognize excellence by a chemist who has established a high quality and high impact research program in inorganic chemistry. Christou’s research is in molecular nanoscience, developing molecular routes to nanoscale magnets for use in new technologies such as quantum computing and spintronics.  

When he’s not making breakthroughs in the lab, however, he’s often found teaching freshmen General Chemistry II, a class he says is crucial to inspiring a love for the field.

We wondered what his students had to say, so we turned to the anonymous – some would say infamous – site Rate My Professors. Here are our favorites: 

 “class was amazing!! and he goes over the material very thoroughly to make sure everyone understands..... he’s great!!”

 “u can actually stay awake during lecture... he has an awesome english accent! If u have to take 2046... take his class... u won't regret it!”

 “Extremely straightforward, definitely knows what he's talking about, perfect pace, perfect difficulty level. I'm not doing very well in the course, but I still think he's great!

“Very intelligent and funny, makes corny jokes sometimes, but usually they are pretty funny. Attendance isn't required but I personally enjoyed the lectures. Would definitely recommend.”

“Nice guy. More chill than other professors.”

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