The public research university's role as an economic engine

Published: December 3 2014

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The University of Florida Office of the Provost and the Bob Graham Center for Public Service will host a conference on “Building Robust Graduate and Research Programs for the Future,” beginning at 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 11. and concluding Friday at 3 p.m. Hunter Rawlings, president of the American Association of Universities, will present the keynote address at the conference, will be held at the University Auditorium.

The program will focus on how large public research universities can serve as an engine for economic development and why the investment in graduate education and research is critical to the nation's future. The conference will also examine the inherent value of graduate education on a global society. Attendees will participate in a broad-based discussion on strategies for the future; specifically, the steps UF should pursue to become a national and international leader in graduate education and research.

In appreciation of faculty participation, three members will each receive a $1,000 award in a random drawing by the provost at the end of the conference. The funds may be used in support of graduate students or faculty research.

The deadline for registration, which can be found at, has been extended until Dec. 5.

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Category:InsideUF, Happenings, Happenings