UF news for week of July 7 listed

Published: July 3 2014


[UPDATED: 1 PM, 7/9/14]

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Here are the releases the University of Florida’s media relations office expects to send next week, subject to change:

Monday, July 7

CITIZEN SCIENCE WORKS -- With a little help, citizen scientists can be good proxies, research shows.

EVENTS 0703 – events for upcoming weeks of possible media interest.

Tuesday, July 8

CRAPE MYRTLE -- Beloved crape myrtle in nurseries now susceptible to bacterial leaf spot, researchers say. Photos.

Wednesday, July 9

IMPROVING CELL RENEWAL -- Reducing calorie intake by 20 percent and taking a dose of resveratrol appears to increase the process of autophagy, the process of cells eating broken bits of themselves and recycling them into new, better bits.

SKEETER STUDY – UF researchers found that warmer temperatures shortened mosquito lifespans in general, but that West Nile-infected mosquitoes in hotter temperatures fared worse than counterparts at the same temperature. In cooler temperatures, however, they found the opposite, that West Nile-carrying mosquitoes fared better.


Thursday, July 10


Friday, July 11

BUDGET 0711 -- advisory for next week’s releases.