UF news for week of February 10 listed

Published: February 10 2014


POST UPDATED: 4:45 P.M., FEB. 14

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Here are the releases the University of Florida’s media relations office expects to send next week, subject to change:

Monday, Feb. 10

WATER SURVEY (previously scheduled) — Floridians value water, almost as much as they value money and their health – just don’t ask them to time themselves in the shower. An online survey of 516 Floridians found that interest in water ranked third in a list of public issues, just behind the economy and health care, but ahead of taxes and public education.

EVENTS 0210 — upcoming events of potential media interest.

Tuesday, Feb. 11


ON HOLD –THE NOSE KNOWS (previously scheduled) – UF researchers have shown that certain nasal neurons actually help animals determine the location of a scent. Their findings may pave the way for electronic “noses” that can detect land mines and other things.

SENT WEDNESDAY (SEE “Banks Gift” BELOW) – MAJOR GIFT — announcement of a major gift to UF.

Wednesday, Feb. 12


POLLUTION PREGNANCY (previously scheduled) — A study examining pregnant women in an urban environment found a link between exposure to several known air pollutants and high blood pressure in pregnancy. High blood pressure in pregnancy can lead to severe and deadly complications, including preeclampsia.

Thursday, Feb. 13



Friday, Feb. 14

BUDGET 0214 – advisory for next week’s releases.