UF statement about Florida Carry news release

Published: January 10 2014


GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Below is a statement from University of Florida spokeswoman Janine Sikes regarding the lawsuit reportedly filed against UF by Florida Carry:

“We are completely surprised by this press release based on the conversation our General Counsel had with Florida Carry on Wednesday. They didn’t object to the steps we have taken to comply with the court’s decision, and they never raised the issue of guns in the home, which was not the subject of the court’s decision.

“We need to be clear that the University of Florida is not challenging the 1st DCA decision, and we believe we are in full compliance with that law requiring universities to allow individuals 18 years or older to store their guns securely in their cars on campus.

“We have not been served with the lawsuit nor have we been contacted by Florida Carry regarding it and therefore cannot comment further.”