UF news for week of Jan. 13 listed

Published: January 13 2014


Monday, Jan. 13

EVENTS 0113 — upcoming events of potential media interest.

Tuesday, Jan. 14

PREEMIES RSV — Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the most common pathogen in lower respiratory tract infections in infants. Approximately 2 million children younger than 5 years require medical attention and 57,000 are hospitalized because of RSV in the U.S. annually. A new study investigates the high risks preterm infants face and is the first to determine an age at which these risks equal that of a full-term baby.

Wednesday, Jan. 15

TRICORDER – The next time you take Fluffy in for surgery, the veterinarian will be able to monitor her progress from his smartphone. An engineering professor has developed a device that monitors heart rate and respiration wirelessly, eliminating the need for leads to be attached to the animal’s body. With broadcast news video.

Thursday, Jan. 16


Friday, Jan. 17 –

BUDGET 0117 – advisory for next week’s releases.