UF news for week of November 11 listed

Published: November 7 2013


GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Here are the releases the University of Florida’s media relations office expects to send next week, subject to change:

Monday, Nov. 11
Office closed.

Tuesday, Nov. 12
CIRCUMCISION COST — Public costs for circumcisions in Florida more than doubled from 2003-2008, UF surgery researchers’ analysis of state medical procedure data shows, costing $111.8 million in facilities charges alone. The researchers say more families are opting to delay circumcision for their boys because the state terminated public funding for routine neonatal circumcisions in 2001.

EVENTS 1112 — upcoming events for potential media coverage.

Wednesday, Nov. 13
CLIMATE BOOK — UF/IFAS associate research scientist Keith Ingram was the lead editor on a newly published book that presents the most detailed data and analysis of climate change (present and future) in the Southeastern U.S.

Thursday, Nov. 14

Friday, Nov. 15
BUDGET 1115 — list of possible media releases for week of Nov. 18.