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Published: February 26 2013

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — University of Florida students will have the opportunity to learn more about their educational opportunities at the fifth annual Majors and Minors Fair put on by the Career Resource Center and Student Government.

Held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday on the Reitz Student Union Colonnade, the fair will give students all the information they need about the different majors and minors offered at UF.

Representatives from 45 colleges and departments, including professors, advisers, current students and student ambassadors, will attend to provide guidance to students who are confused about their current area of study or wanting to change or revise it.

The fair will provide specific information on the different majors and minors, including required courses and GPA, faculty-to-student ratio, opportunities for non-majors to take classes, career prospects, professional and student organization affiliations as well as the overall process of switching or adding majors and minors.

For freshman Haley Stoner, the fair provides a perfect outlet for understanding all the areas of study offered at UF that she says Preview didn’t quite provide. Stoner has already switched her major several times and is only in her second semester at the university. Now a mechanical engineering major, she is contemplating tacking on an extra major or minor and sees the fair as a more efficient way of deciding which one.

“The fair seems like something that could really help exploratory students,” she said.

Stoner believes students should constantly be aware of their choices and never be afraid to change their majors. For her, the Majors and Minors Fair is a way to condense all the searching into one event.

The Career Resource Center sees it this way as well.

“It’s a good opportunity for students to explore their options before registration,” said Angel Iverson, assistant director for career events at the CRC. “Students don’t even have to come prepared they can feel free to explore and ask questions as they come up.”

The Majors and Minors fair is open to UF undergraduate students only.

More information can be found at http://www.crc.ufl.edu/students/StudentMajorsFair.html



Jenna Mescon

Category:Announcements, Happenings, InsideUF