Assistant criminology professor ranks fourth in nationwide ranking

Published: May 31 2012

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A recent study appearing in the Journal of Criminal Justice Education lists University of Florida assistant professor of criminology Chris Gibson as one of the most productive scholars of his rank in the U.S.

The study’s authors used data from Scopus – an online database that tracks publication and citations of peer-reviewed academic articles – to measure productivity in 504 criminology and criminal justice professors selected from 35 universities across the country. Gibson ranked fifth nationwide among assistant professors.

The authors of the study say that their intention was not to create a list of stars in the field of criminology but rather to establish benchmarks for scholars so that they can compare themselves to others at similar points in their careers.

“I am honored to be ranked among some of the top criminologists in the country,” Gibson said. “In part, my success is a product of collaborations with some of the brightest, most innovative criminologists working in the field today.”

Gibson has been a faculty member at UF since 2007. He earned his doctorate at the University of Nebraska in 2005. Gibson has published more than 70 scholarly works, including peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and federal and state reports. His research focuses on the independent and interactive influences of traits and environments on antisocial and violent behaviors.

Gibson is a W.E.B. Du Bois fellow for the National Institute of Justice.

Category:Announcements, InsideUF, Top Stories