Baby Gator to teach parents American Sign Language

Published: March 5 2012

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — The Baby Gator Child Development and Research Center at the University of Florida will offer beginner sign language classes to Gainesville-area parents.

There will be two sessions available either April 2 or 4 in the first week and either April 9 or 11 in the second. Parents can choose between morning classes or evening classes. The cost is $25 for two 1-hour sessions.

Parents will learn the benefits of American Sign Language as well as learn how to use it, teacher Keri Stacey said. Parents will also get the opportunity to learn up to 100 signs.

For children from infant to school age, ASL can reduce tantrums, allow communication before verbalization and lay foundation for verbal skills, she said. In preschoolers, it strengthens memory and early literacy, and benefits show that preschoolers do better on reading tests when they have learned sign language.

Baby Gator has always had a strong sign language culture, Stacey said. The Baby Gator Sign Language program has been a service provided for the children and families at Baby Gator. Similar education initiatives are a full-time music program and P.H.I.T Kids, a physical education program.

Stacey has been a teacher at Baby Gator since 2007, and was hired last year to create and facilitate a full-time sign language program.

Registration is due March 28. For a registration form, go to

For more information contact Stacey at or call 352-273-8000 or 352-392-2330.


Jensen Werley
Keri Stacey,, 352-273-8000

Category:Announcements, InsideUF, Top Stories