The Gator Nation is Everywhere

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Becoming a part of The Gator Nation has been a big part of life for my wife and me, since we moved to Gainesville in 2006. Now, as dean of the UF International Center, I am particularly proud of the tag line to the UF slogan, “The Foundation for The Gator Nation.”

This tag line states that “The Gator Nation is Everywhere.” The UF International Center is charged with ensuring that this remains true. From our significant numbers of international graduates (residents of more than 100 countries) to the large cohort of international students (3,917 with homes in 134 countries, at latest count) to the number of countries (52) where more than 2,000 UF students study abroad annually, we really are everywhere.

Why, you might ask, is The Gator Nation so internationally committed? The simple answer is: Because it’s the right thing to do. We live in a world that is so intimately interconnected that a great institution cannot function responsibly without a significant global commitment – and we are a great institution!

David Sammons
Dean, UF International Cent

Category:InsideUF, Voices Column