Thirty-three faculty honored as UF Research Foundation Professors

Published: November 12 2009

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Vice President for Research Win Phillips and the
University of Florida Research Foundation (UFRF) recently honored 33 faculty
members as UFRF Professors for 2009-2012.

Phillips presented each of the professors with a certificate of
recognition at a reception on Nov. 5 in the Friends of Music Room.

The professorships go to faculty members who have a distinguished
current record of research and a strong research agenda likely to lead
to continuing distinction in their fields.

The UFRF professors were recommended by their college deans based on
nominations from department chairs, a personal statement and an
evaluation of recent research accomplishments as evidenced by
publications in scholarly journals, external funding, honors and
awards, development of intellectual property and other measures.

“These nominating documents invariably use phrases like ‘zeal for
research,’ ‘maximum impact,’ and ‘spirit of collaboration’ to describe
these researchers’ work,” said Phillips. “They – and hundreds of
others like them – are the reason we have been able to move into the
top tier of research universities nationally.”

The three-year award includes a $5,000 annual salary supplement and a
one-time $3,000 grant.

The professorships are funded from the university’s share of royalty
and licensing income on UF-generated products. Founded in 1986, the
not-for-profit foundation provides a means by which research can be
conducted flexibly and efficiently and by which discoveries,
inventions, processes and work products of UF faculty, staff and
students can be transferred from the laboratory to the public. Funds
generated by licensing such discoveries are used to enhance research
at the university.

The professors are:

Adegbola Adesogan, Associate Professor of Animal Sciences
Rodney J. Bartlett, Graduate Research Professor of Chemistry and Physics
Emilio M. Bruna, Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Martin J. Cohn, Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
David S. Criswell, Associate Professor of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology
Nancy D. Denslow, Professor of Physiological Sciences
Stephen S. Eikenberry, Professor of Astronomy
Jean-Pierre Emond, Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Zhenli L. He, Associate Professor of Soil and Water Science
Steven A. Kautz, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
Spiro Kiousis, Associate Professor of Public Relations
Henrietta L. Logan, Professor of Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science
Steven R. Manchester, Curator of Paleobotany
Robert McKenna, Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Lyle L. Moldawer, Professor of Surgery
Nicholas Muzyczka, Eminent Scholar for Cancer Research
Andrew V. Ogram, Professor of Soil and Water Science
Kevin R. Orr, Associate Professor of Piano/Piano Pedagogy
Alfonso Perez-Mendez, Professor of Architecture
Anna L. Peterson, Professor of Religion
W. Gregory Sawyer, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Edward W. Scott, Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Michael L. Seigel, Professor of Law
Wolfgang M. Sigmund, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Sihong Song, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics
Roland Staud, Professor of Medicine
Nan-Yao Su, Professor of Entomology
David B. Tanner, Distinguished Professor of Physics
Sevan G. Terzian, Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning
Philip J. Williams, Professor of Political Science
Dapeng Wu, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jinhong Xie, Etheridge Professor of International Business
Saun-Joo Yoon, Associate Professor of Nursing


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