UF Economists: Florida Consumer Confidence Gets Pre-Holiday Boost

Published: November 30 1999

GAINESVILLE — Consumer confidence in Florida rose two points in November, an unexpected gain for late in the year that bodes well for holiday retail sales, University of Florida economists report.

For Endangered Butterfly, Golf Courses To Provide Essential Habitat

Published: November 30 1999

GAINESVILLE — University of Florida researchers have found an unusual ally in their efforts to re-create rare native habitat for an endangered butterfly in the Florida Keys: golf courses.

UF Researcher: High Schools Reinvent Themselves With Good Results

Published: November 24 1999

GAINESVILLE — A new bell has rung in many American high schools that are scrapping old ideas about class schedules, course content and the relationship between students and teachers, a nationwide survey by a University of Florida researcher shows.

UF Research: Underground Rivers, Springs Not The “Pipes” They Appear

Published: November 23 1999

GAINESVILLE — Rivers and streams in north Florida have a curious habit of disappearing into the ground, only to reemerge elsewhere, a result of the porous rock formations that lie not far beneath the ground.

UF Course Teaches Prisoners How To Handle Money When They Get Out

Published: November 22 1999

MARIANNA — When some of the men at the Federal Correctional Institution in Marianna first went behind bars, there were no debit cards or ATM cards, and banking choices were limited.

A Molecule Family Hinders Spinal Cord Regeneration, UF Brain Institute Team Finds

Published: November 22 1999

GAINESVILLE—Nerve tissue transplants are among the promising experimental therapies to restore communication among cells in injured spinal cords, but scientists long have wondered why the transplanted cells don’t grow more vigorously, thereby enhancing the level of recovery.

Family Support, School Climate Can Help Abused Girls Avoid Bulimia

Published: November 19 1999

GAINESVILLE The support of family members and a positive school climate help physically abused adolescent girls avoid the binge-purge cycle of bulimia, a new University of Florida survey shows.

UF Researchers: Pilot Data Highlight Need For Improved Evaluation Of Women With Chest Pain

Published: November 17 1999

GAINESVILLE—Early findings from a national study of women with chest pain suggest that many are being declared free of heart disease when they actually have minor blockages developing in their coronary arteries, University of Florida and Brown University researchers say.

UF Study: Some Illnesses, Life Events Make Elders Vulnerable To Depression

Published: November 16 1999

GAINESVILLE — Although common among the elderly, depression is not a personal weakness or character flaw, but rather a major medical issue and public health concern, a new University of Florida study finds.

Invasive Plant Lays Claim To Wild Areas Of South Florida

Published: November 12 1999

LOXAHATCHEE NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE—An exotic vine that already covers 40,000 acres of South Florida wilderness is on the brink of an expansion that could make it the worst weed threat yet to Florida’s native plants, University of Florida researchers say.

UF Study: Ankle Strength May Not Be Key To Preventing Chronic Sprains

Published: November 10 1999

GAINESVILLE — Doctors, athletic trainers and physical therapists should alter their treatments for people who suffer frequent ankle sprains rather than rely on extensive strength training during rehabilitation, according to a new University of Florida study.

University of Florida Opens Powerful New Window For Visual Studies Of Human/Animal Organs And Tissues

Published: November 9 1999

GAINESVILLE—Researchers at the University of Florida Brain Institute “downloaded” today (11/ 9) the world’s most powerful imaging magnet for research — to be used in investigating a long list of brain and spine-related diseases and injuries.

UF Project Shows Sturgeon Can Be Raised Successfully In Fish Farms

Published: November 5 1999

BLOUNTSTOWN Researchers at the University of Florida’s Sam Mitchell Aquaculture Farm harvested about 1,800 farm-raised Gulf of Mexico sturgeon this week, completing a 17-month project that shows the threatened fish can be successfully raised in a controlled environment.

Despite Effects On Perceived Health, Many Elderly Ignore Hearing Loss

Published: November 4 1999

GAINESVILLE — Despite mounting evidence that hearing loss affects health, a significant number of elderly people don’t seek treatment for the problem, even when their hearing loss is substantial, University of Florida researchers say.

UF Study Shows Contemporary Method Accurately Predicts Cancer Risk

Published: November 3 1999

GAINESVILLE.—A simple method that packs the diagnostic power of the Pap smear and the ease of a blood draw accurately predicts breast cancer risk in women with suspicious lumps or lesions, a University of Florida pathologist reported today (11/3) at the American Society of Cytopathology meeting in Sacramento, Calif.

A Year After New Initiative Is Announced, UF Graduate Enrollment Soars

Published: November 1 1999

GAINESVILLE — An effort to attract more graduate students to the University of Florida is showing the first signs of success.

'Shop 'Til YouDrop': A holiday Tradition For Some, An Ongoing Problem For Others

Published: November 18 1999

GAINESVILLE — With the arrival of November, tradition demands that Americans head to the stores for the annual frenzy of gift buying. While some shoppers may dread the experience and others delight in it, a small percentage of those loading up with consumer goods actually suffer from a year-round problem of compulsive shopping.

Easily Overlooked, ‘Minor’ Invasive Plants Also A Big Problem

Published: November 12 1999

GAINESVILLE — With its deep green leaves and small blooms, white-flowered wandering jew is an attractive ground cover often seen in yards throughout Florida.