Spooky Owl Provides Natural Rodent Control For Farmers

Published: October 28 1999

BELLE GLADE—For the spooks that haunt the Everglades Agricultural Area, Halloween happens every night as they swoop through the skies above the sprawling sugar cane fields in search of treats.

As Yellow Jacket Population Peaks, So Does Danger Of Stings

Published: October 27 1999

GAINESVILLE—University of Florida researchers say yellow jacket season is at its peak and warn parents to be particularly careful about keeping children away from the territorial insects’ nests.

UF Economists: Florida Consumer Confidence Drops Amid Market Dive

Published: October 26 1999

GAINESVILLE — Consumer confidence in Florida dropped four points in October, driven by a nosedive in the stock market and concern over an impending hike in interest rates, University of Florida economists report.

UF Study: Students Improve Reading Skills By Tutoring Younger Kids

Published: October 25 1999

GAINESVILLE — High school students struggling with reading can improve their skills significantly over short periods of time by becoming tutors to younger students, a University of Florida study has found.

UF Launches Journal Of Undergraduate Research

Published: October 22 1999

GAINESVILLE — Like a lot of researchers at the University of Florida, Chris Beach spent months in the lab on a project, then published the results in a academic journal.

Rawlings Book Cornucopia of Great American Writers, Says Researcher

Published: October 21 1999

GAINESVILLE — Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings did more for literature than win the Pulitzer Prize. According to a new book published by University Press of Florida, she cheered up an ailing F. Scott Fitzgerald, encouraged Thomas Wolfe to be less wordy and went fishing with Ernest Hemingway.

UF Research Ties Homosexual Behavior In Beetle To Evolution

Published: October 20 1999

GAINESVILLE — In a new hypothesis for a behavior observed in a number of species, two researchers say the process of natural selection may explain homosexual behavior in a beetle that preys on citrus in South Florida.

UF Research: Sea Level Rise Behind Tree Deaths On Florida’s West Coast

Published: October 14 1999

GAINESVILLE — When University of Florida researchers first looked into Florida west coast residents’ complaints of dying palms, they thought the cause was a disease.

Botanic Gardens Relieve Stress, UF Researchers Find

Published: October 13 1999

GAINESVILLE—Take a walk and call me in the morning may be a good prescription for stress, according to researchers at the University of Florida.

UF Researchers Show Magnetic Stimulation May Be A Safe Alternative To Shock Therapy

Published: October 6 1999

GAINESVILLE—An experimental therapy that uses magnetic stimulation to treat severe depression could prove to be a viable option for patients who otherwise would resort to electric shock therapy, University of Florida researchers report.

UF Researcher: Deep Focus And Steady Aim Are Key To Making The Shot

Published: October 5 1999

GAINESVILLE — An expert target shooter looks through his sight and pauses, focusing on the tiny target 50 meters away. The bull’s-eye is just 10.4 millimeters in diameter, regulation size for the Olympic smallbore rifle event. The shooter pauses for a moment, steadying his body, quieting his mind, focusing on the target. Will he hit the bull’s-eye?

UF Receives $2.2 Million Grant For Cutting-Edge Modeling Project

Published: October 5 1999

GAINESVILLE — A University of Florida-based research team has received a $2.2 million federal grant to create powerful new computer simulations for use in probing how stress affects atoms and molecules in materials.

'Biochemical Storm' Following Brain Trauma An Important Factor In Treatment, University of Florida Researcher Finds

Published: October 21 1999

GAINESVILLE—A forceful blow to the head can trigger a “Pacmanlike” enzyme to begin gobbling up important structural proteins in the brain for up to one month afterward — weeks longer than previously suspected, according to a University of Florida Brain Institute researcher.

UF College of Agriculture To Offer World's First "Plant Doctor" Graduate Degree

Published: October 12 1999

GAINESVILLE—University of Florida graduate students can learn about a different kind of medicine when the College of Agriculture begins offering a doctoral program in plant medicine, starting in fall 2000.

UF Study Shows Many College Students Don't Manage Credit Cards Well

Published: October 7 1999

GAINESVILLE — A significant number of college students don’t manage their money well when it comes to credit cards, according to a new University of Florida study.