UF Study: Recreational Shoppers Search For Happiness, Completed Selves

Published: September 29 1999

GAINESVILLE —The lovelorn and forlorn are more likely to be shopworn people who fill their empty lives by spending money in stores and spilling their hearts out to sales clerks, a new University of Florida study finds.

UF Economists: Florida Consumer Confidence Rebounds Modestly

Published: September 28 1999

GAINESVILLE — Consumer confidence in Florida rebounded in September, despite a steep drop in the stock market, reflecting renewed optimism about the national economy and future finances, University of Florida economists report.

UF Study: Patients Adjust Well To Device That Zaps Irregular Heartbeats

Published: September 23 1999

GAINESVILLE—Jon Duffey was waiting for a table at a restaurant when he began to experience dizziness and a fluttering sensation in his chest. He tried to speak but mustered only a few words before an implanted device sent an electrical shock to his heart to correct its abnormal rhythm.

Construction Methods Help Prevent Hurricane Property Damage

Published: September 23 1999

GAINESVILLE — With hurricane season in full swing, University of Florida researchers are in the midst of building training centers around the state to showcase the latest materials and techniques in hurricane-resistant housing and encourage their use in construction.

Tiny Plane Brings UF Closer To Military Goal For Size And Cost

Published: September 22 1999

GAINESVILLE — A University of Florida aerospace engineering team is a step closer to reaching the ambitious goals of a military research program aimed at developing tiny, affordable airplanes for use in battlefield surveillance and other military situations.

UF Survey: Citrus Land Values Up For First Time Since 1990

Published: September 20 1999

GAINESVILLE — The value of Florida’s citrus groves has increased for the first time since 1990, an annual University of Florida survey of land values shows.

UF Researcher: Bingo Wins Help Give Native Americans American Dream

Published: September 17 1999

GAINESVILLE — The future is a good bet for Florida’s American Indians, who have gained clout and confidence from gambling casinos and marketing makeovers, says a University of Florida researcher and author of a new book.

UF Researchers Screen Newborns For Genetic Susceptibility To Diabetes In Effort To Find Causes And Cures

Published: September 16 1999

GAINESVILLE—Most cases of insulin-dependent diabetes are discovered only when symptoms appear. But through a sophisticated screening program at the University of Florida, a Gainesville family knows their 20-month-old daughter is all but certain to develop the chronic disorder soon.

MRI Scans Reveal Subtle Brain Differences In People With Schizophrenia, UF Researchers Find

Published: September 9 1999

GAINESVILLE—Scientists have tried through the years to attribute schizophrenia to one brain abnormality or another, but solid proof has been lacking. Now University of Florida researchers have found that subtle differences in 10 brain structures can provide a strong indicator of whether someone has the disorder.

UF Cardiologists Call For Rigorous Study Of Viagra And Cardiovascular Disease

Published: September 2 1999

GAINESVILLE —University of Florida cardiologists say there is no solid scientific evidence that patients with cardiovascular disease face a higher risk of death when they take Viagra.

In Battling Head Lice, Prevention Is Key, UF Researchers Say

Published: September 2 1999

GAINESVILLE—This is the season for reading, writing, arithmetic – and head lice.

'Revolutionary' Treatment For Birth Defect Improves Survival Of Newborns At Shands Children's Hospital At UF

Published: September 10 1999

GAINESVILLE — The method doctors traditionally use to treat diaphragmatic hernia, a life-threatening birth defect, can actually worsen the lung condition and should be abandoned in favor of a “revolutionary” treatment strategy that dramatically increases the survival chances of affected newborns, University of Florida researchers report in the September issue of the Annals of Surgery.

"Flying Laboratory" Offers Aerospace Engineering Lessons In Real Time

Published: September 20 1999

GAINESVILLE — University of Florida aerospace engineering students learning about flight are no longer restricted to textbooks and lectures.

Home-Building, Construction Firms Among State's Fastest-Growing

Published: September 1 1999

GAINESVILLE —”Build it and they will come” could be a motto for success as homebuilding and construction firms emerged among the top companies in this year’s list of Florida’s 100 fastest-growing businesses, a University of Florida study has found.