UF Physiologist Tells How To Beat The Heat

Published: July 30 1999

GAINESVILLE—With temperatures rising in the East and Midwest, the number of deaths attributed to excessive heat exposure is climbing also. But most tragedies can be avoided by taking a few precautions, a University of Florida physiologist says.

Renowned DNA-Mapping Scientist To Join Growing UF Genetics Institute

Published: July 29 1999

GAINESVILLE — Combining computer technology with molecular biology — a union that may improve the study of disease development such as cancer — is the newest marriage of genetic sciences being forged by the University of Florida Genetics Institute.

UF Economists: Florida Consumer Confidence Rises To Near All-Time High

Published: July 28 1999

GAINESVILLE — Consumer confidence in Florida gained two points in July, reflecting unbridled optimism in the national economy and the belief that recession is unlikely, University of Florida economists report.

UF Sponsored Research Hits New Record As Industry Support Shoots Up

Published: July 27 1999

GAINESVILLE — The University of Florida’s research enterprise received a record $296 million in awards during fiscal year 1998-99, up 5.7 percent from the previous year, according to figures released Monday.

UF Study Shows House Arrest Is No Easy Out For Criminal Offenders

Published: July 26 1999

GAINESVILLE — Contrary to public perception, home becomes a prison and the entire family is punished when criminal offenders are sentenced to house arrest, a new University of Florida study finds.

Digital Plant Doctor Diagnoses Plant Problems

Published: July 23 1999

GAINESVILLE—A picture may be worth more than a thousand words.

UF Team Helping To Create Solar Cells Thinner Than Human Hair

Published: July 21 1999

GAINESVILLE — University of Florida engineers are pioneering an inexpensive method for making a new breed of exceptionally thin and cheap solar cells expected to make solar power a more widespread source of electricity in the new millennium.

Unique UF Web Site Provides Live Access To Laboratory Research

Published: July 16 1999

GAINESVILLE—It’s not a World Wide Web site that will draw big crowds, but it is the only one of its kind in the world.

Perfect Laps Just A Keystroke Away For Swimmers Using New System

Published: July 14 1999

GAINESVILLE — Swimming has entered the digital age.

Golfers and Wildlife Can Share Habitat, UF Conservationsts Say

Published: July 9 1999

TALLAHASSEE—As wildlife habitat disappears, golf courses are becoming important conservation areas and can be landscaped to keep both wildlife and people happy, University of Florida conservationists say.

Wrong Moves Can Be Deadly With Lightning, UF Experts Say

Published: July 7 1999

GAINESVILLE – With summer thunderstorms once again in full swing, University of Florida researchers are reminding those playing or working outdoors to be wary of the deadly lightning that comes with them.

Lightning Experiment May Help Better Protect Airplanes

Published: July 7 1999

GAINESVILLE — An experiment aimed at gathering new information about what occurs at ground zero of a lightning strike may lead to more effective lightning protection for airplanes, University of Florida researchers say.

Of Pins, Needles And Pets: UF Hires New Veterinary Acupuncturist

Published: July 2 1999

GAINESVILLE—When conventional drug therapy couldn’t help her arthritic collie, Pat Green tried one last option: the pins and needles of veterinary acupuncture.

Beyond Zapping The Leftovers

Published: July 1 1999

GAINESVILLE — One microwave in David Clark’s laboratory can top temperatures of 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit, while another can focus a beam of energy on a dime-sized target.

Published: July 13 1999

GAINESVILLE — A University of Florida astronomer is part of an international team that has captured the first images of the very earliest stages of a “dark cloud” — the coldest astronomical object in the universe — becoming a new star and planetary system.

Software Brings UF Citrus Expertise To Growers' Desktops

Published: July 30 1999

GAINESVILLE — New computer software is squeezing more profits out of Florida’s orange and grapefruit groves.