UF Researcher: Growing Anti-Racist Groups Commemorate John Brown

Published: April 28 1999

GAINESVILLE — May 1 would be a national holiday honoring a forgotten martyr against slavery if the rapidly growing anti-racist movement has its way, a new University of Florida study finds.

UF Economists: Florida Consumer Confidence Continues Dip From Record

Published: April 28 1999

UF Researcher: Booming Economy May Add To College Students’ Stress

Published: April 27 1999

GAINESVILLE — With cap-and-gown season about to get under way, a University of Florida researcher says a booming economy is yet another item to add to the list of stresses today’s college students are feeling from such things as the fear of AIDS, dysfunctional families and binge drinking.

UF Researcher Estimates Rate Of Rural-To-Urban Land Conversion

Published: April 26 1999

GAINESVILLE—Natives grumble about it all the time — the rate at which Florida land, seemingly overnight, is transformed from pasture to pavement, hammock to highway, scrubland to skyscraper.

Contrary To Perception, Florida’s Beaches Better Off Than Most

Published: April 22 1999

GAINESVILLE — Other states aren’t so lucky, but when beachgoers in Florida dig their toes in the sand this summer, they may be glad to know many of the state’s shores are in little danger of washing away — and some are even getting larger.

Fishermen Are Killing Brown Pelicans With Kindness, UF Expert Says

Published: April 21 1999

MIAMI—People who feed brown pelicans chunks of fish left over from a day of fishing are unwittingly contributing to a painful death for the birds, a University of Florida scientist says.

UF Researcher: No News Is Bad News When Critics Don’t Review Products

Published: April 20 1999

GAINESVILLE — If buyers don’t see a critic’s thumbs up or down, number of stars or colored circles when looking for the latest movie or gadget, they would be wise to avoid the product altogether, a new University of Florida study finds.

As Nation Celebrates Awareness Week, UF Researchers seek To Understand Why So Many Won’t Donate Organs

Published: April 20 1999

GAINESVILLE — With physicians making great strides in improving health through organ and tissue transplants, the waiting list for donations is growing faster than the supply.

Jon Mills Named Interim Dean of UF College of Law

Published: April 16 1999

GAINESVILLE — University of Florida President John Lombardi today announced the appointment of Jon M. Mills, UF law professor and former speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, as interim dean of the Frederic G. Levin College of Law. The appointment is effective Sept. 1.

Child Abuse Detection In Florida Boosted By New Telecommunications Network

Published: April 15 1999

GAINESVILLE University of Florida pediatricians are among the first in the nation to use cyberspace and video technology to diagnose child abuse and neglect from hundreds of miles away.

Beating The Ban: UF Researchers Seek Alternatives To methyl Bromide

Published: April 14 1999

GAINESVILLE—Methyl bromide, a soil fumigant used to control soilborne pests, is the single most important pest management tool used to produce high-value crops in Florida today, but it’s blamed for contributing to the depletion of the earth’s protective ozone layer.

Garden Building To Feature Earth-Friendly Elements, Energy Savings

Published: April 12 1999

GAINESVILLE — With building construction and operation accounting for about a third of all energy consumption in the United States and creating about a quarter of all landfill material, putting up a new office building or house can be hard on Mother Earth.

UF Researcher Explores Complex Relationship Between Smoking And Fertility

Published: April 8 1999

GAINESVILLE—When a number of studies appeared during the 1980s and 1990s showing that cigarette smoking decreased a woman’s risk of certain diseases, scientists were stunned.

UF Researcher: Firms Profit By Giving Early Discounts Like Airlines

Published: April 7 1999

GAINESVILLE — Twenty percent off the price of a steak dinner Saturday night if you make reservations mid-week? Discounts for oil changes or dry cleaning if you arrange for the service a couple of weeks ahead of time?

UF Researcher: Racism Is Subtle But Still Exists Beneath The Surface

Published: April 1 1999

GAINESVILLE — The face of racism is changing.

UF Economists: Florida Consumer Confidence Dips Slightly From Record

Published: April 1 1999

GAINESVILLE — Impending NATO military intervention in Yugoslavia did little to dampen consumer confidence in Florida, which dropped only slightly last month from its all-time high in February, University of Florida economists report.

Call It 'The Gadget Class'

Published: April 9 1999

GAINESVILLE — By the time University of Florida mechanical engineering students get to Professor Ali Seirig’s senior-level class, they’re used to solving theoretical problems.

Homes Built To Federal "Energy Star" Standards Save Up To $197 A Month On Energy

Published: April 6 1999

GAINESVILLE—After studying two homes that appear virtually identical, University of Florida energy specialists found that energy savings measures built into one home meant drastic reductions in monthly utility costs.

News' Daily Nature Is Dumb And Makes Us Dumber, Says UF Professor

Published: April 26 1999

GAINESVILLE — News makes us dumb by dissecting reality, leaving the public with no idea of what to make of our times, says a University of Florida history professor and author of a new book.

UF Veterinarians: Blood Type Mismatch In Breeding Is Leading Cause Of 'Fading Kitten Syndrome'

Published: April 29 1999

GAINESVILLE—When an entire litter from Joni Easterling’s prized Persian cat died last July, the Orange Park cat breeder was understandably upset.