UF Economists: Consumer Confidence Dips Amid national Economy Fears

Published: December 31 1998

GAINESVILLE — Concerns about the health of the national economy caused consumer confidence in Florida to slump in December, but conditions in the state remain strong and the outlook brighter than for the rest of the country, University of Florida economists report.

UF To Spend $3 Million To Ready Every Classroom For The Millennium

Published: December 30 1998

GAINESVILLE — A new computer requirement implemented last summer at the University of Florida requires students to use computers in their classes and encourages faculty to use computers, multimedia and the Internet as part of their instruction.

South Florida Couple Gives $1 Million To UF College Of Engineering

Published: December 30 1998

GAINESVILLE — A South Florida businessman and his wife have given $1 million to the University of Florida’s College of Engineering in what the businessman describes as a gesture of appreciation for UF’s role in his success in the engineering and business worlds.

UF Study: Two-Thirds Of Older Adults May Not Be Immune To Tetanus

Published: December 23 1998

GAINESVILLE—Two out of three senior citizens may lack adequate immunity to tetanus, a life-threatening central nervous system ailment contracted when bacteria invade an open wound, usually a deep puncture or cut made by a nail or a knife, University of Florida researchers report in the journal Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology.

UF Researcher: Overwhelming Majority Of Child Seats Installed Wrong

Published: December 22 1998

GAINESVILLE — More than 95 percent of children in child safety seats in the state could be killed or injured because the devices are not properly secured to the vehicle, says a University of Florida researcher.

Eco-Gifts Give All Year Long, UF Professor Says

Published: December 21 1998

GAINESVILLE—Advice guru Abigail Van Buren liked Marie Hammer’s holiday counsel so much, she passed it on to her readers in a recent Dear Abby column.

Parents Can Teach Kids Giving Is Better Than Getting

Published: December 21 1998

GAINESVILLE “Getting” isn’t the top priority for a lot of kids this holiday season.

Florida Tomatoes Worth Asking For, New UF Taste Tests Show

Published: December 20 1998

GAINESVILLE — Tomato lovers who wonder how to find luscious winter tomatoes — ripe, red, firm but juicy, sweet but tangy — might well ask their grocer whether he’s selling Mexican tomatoes or tomatoes grown in Florida.

Women As Likely As Men To Last-Minute Christmas Shop, Survey Shows

Published: December 18 1998

GAINESVILLE — It’s 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve and the local mall is jammed with men charging through their last-minute shopping while their wives or girlfriends sit at home gloating because they were finished weeks ago.

UF Researchers: For The Best Decisions, Use a Simple Majority Vote

Published: December 17 1998

GAINESVILLE — A committee has just arrived at a final list of five applicants for an important job opening. In order to be a finalist, a candidate must receive a yes’ vote from a specified majority of the committee.

Give The Gift Of Health, UF Faculty Suggest

Published: December 11 1998

GAINESVILLE—For many Americans, the end-of-the-year holiday season is heralded with carefree overindulgence, as decadent desserts, fat-laden dinners and free-flowing alcohol rule the day. In other words, it’s not a time when health concerns take center stage.

University of Florida Study: Women Report Higher Pain Levels Than Do Men

Published: December 10 1998

Exercising Just Three Days May Provide Heart Attack Protection

Published: December 9 1998

GAINESVILLE — It’s mid-morning on Cape Cod and the thermometer has barely climbed above 50 degrees, but 72-year-old Joseph Sullivan is out walking. Every day he puts his headphones on and walks two or three miles around Cape Cod’s Kelley Park.

UF Veterinarians Offer Pet Safety Tips For The Holidays

Published: December 4 1998

GAINESVILLE — Pet owners should keep in mind their animals’ safety during the holiday season, when hazards increase, say University of Florida veterinarians.

TVs, Computer Monitors Contain High Lead Levels, Study Finds

Published: December 3 1998

GAINESVILLE — A University of Florida study has determined cathode ray tubes inside television sets and computer monitors contain enough lead to be considered hazardous waste, a finding that may spur officials in Florida and elsewhere to forbid or restrict the current practice of dumping televisions and monitors in landfills.

UF Researcher: Leisure Activities Defy Simple Classifications

Published: December 2 1998

GAINESVILLE — Fishing, a form of self-expression that has more in common with refined needlepoint than rugged canoeing or hunting?

Genetic Uniqueness Threatens Florida Manatee's Future

Published: November 12 1998

GAINESVILLE — As Florida manatees lumber into warmer waters this month for their winter respite, they’re admired for their unique appearance and lovable charm. But it’s that very singularity that University of Florida scientists say could be leading the gentle sea cows down the path to extinction.

Tobacco Settlement Helps UF Evaluate Florida's Youth Smoking Habits

Published: November 24 1998

GAINESVILLE — New research from the University of Florida shows less than one-third of those who know about the state’s new Truth youth anti-smoking campaign think it will cause youth smoking to decline. The university hopes its research results will help the state combat youth smoking more effectively.

UF Joins NASA's Virtual Astrobiology Institute To Look For Life On Mars

Published: November 10 1998

GAINESVILLE —Traditional science fiction has aliens who speak some form of English or resemble humans. The problem is, chances are slim that non-terrestrial life will have such earthling-like traits.

UF Education Professor Recommends Children's Books For The Holidays

Published: December 11 1998

GAINESVILLE — This holiday season, you can give children the gift of knowledge, feed their imaginations and broaden their horizons.

UF Horticulturist Says There's A Poinsettia To Suit Everyone

Published: December 8 1998

GAINESVILLE—When poinsettias arrived on the U.S. Christmas scene as stage decor for holiday television specials in the 1950s and ’60s, there was red and only red.

UF's First Online Distance Learning Program Off To Strong Start

Published: December 18 1998

GAINESVILLE — Joseph Worrell used to spend 2 ½ hours on the road to get to his graduate-school class, a tough commute for a professional with a busy schedule as a troubleshooter for a national wireless communication service.