UF Keeps Pace With Industry In The Science Of Growing Grass

Published: November 30 1998

GAINESVILLE—Used to be, if you wanted to manage a golf course, all you needed to know was how high to mow and when to turn on the sprinklers.

Chinese and U.S. Scientists Identify The World’s Oldest Flowering Plant

Published: November 26 1998

GAINESVILLE — On the floor of a steamy Asian forest, a woody plant destined for immortality was thriving among the dragonflies and dinosaurs when a nearby volcano erupted and left it buried in ash.

The Pumpkin Of The Tropics Likes Florida, Too, Research Shows

Published: November 25 1998

BRADENTON—The pumpkin pie of Thanksgiving future may come out of Don Maynard’s research laboratory.

Stock Market Rally, Elections Prompt Jump In Florida Consumer Confidence

Published: November 24 1998

GAINESVILLE — A dramatic rebound on Wall Street and satisfaction with the November elections led to a pronounced turnaround in consumer confidence among Floridians this month, bucking the normal year-end pattern and raising optimism of a good holiday shopping season for retailers, University of Florida economists say.

New Drug Boosts The Power Of Traditional Cancer Therapies, UF Animal Studies Show

Published: November 23 1998

GAINESVILLE—A substance first identified in the bark of an African tree magnifies the tumor-cell killing power of radiation therapy by as much as 500 times in laboratory animals, University of Florida researchers reported today (11/23).

Survey Shows Shoplifting And Employee Theft Continue To Cost Billions

Published: November 20 1998

GAINESVILLE — Employee theft, shoplifting, administrative error and vendor fraud continue to rob the nation’s retailers of billions of dollars, this loss translates into higher consumer prices and cost the nation’s retailers nearly $26 billion annually, according to the just-released 1998 National Retail Security Survey.

UF Study: Retailers Get Unexpected Benefits From Lenient Return Policies

Published: November 20 1998

GAINESVILLE — To make money this holiday season, retailers should be more lenient in accepting returned merchandise from the growing number of long-distance customers who buy from catalogs or the Internet, a new University of Florida study suggests.

New Forest Owners Prefer Enjoying Their Land Over Working It

Published: November 19 1998

GAINESVILLE A dramatic shift in the demographics of Florida’s private forest landowners indicates the traditional farmer may be giving way to the more white-collar, absentee landowner, according to a recent University of Florida survey.

UF Researcher: Participating In Sports Gives Girls Strong Self-Images

Published: November 18 1998

GAINESVILLE — Participating in sports can have benefits for adolescent girls that reach beyond simply staying physically fit, a University of Florida researcher has concluded.

UF Study: Polarizing Parents And Schools Make Truancy Worse

Published: November 17 1998

GAINESVILLE — A child skips one school day after another. The teacher and principal blame the parents for not disciplining the youngster, while mom and dad fault the school for not giving the child the benefit of the doubt.

U.S. Should Strive For Hypersonic Flight Technology, UF Professor Says

Published: November 13 1998

GAINESVILLE — Whether or not it provides information about aging and space travel, John Glenn’s triumphant return to space seems to indicate continued U.S. superiority in space.

Communication Scientist, Engineer Craft Voice Diagnosis Tool

Published: November 6 1998

GAINESVILLE — It’s a kind of CAT scan for professional singers’ voices.

New Research Shows Loggerhead Sea Turtles Sustain Delicate Dunes

Published: November 5 1998

GAINESVILLE — Nesting sea turtles may do more than hatch future generations of loggerheads — they also may be ensuring the future of the nation’s fragile coastline, new research at the University of Florida shows.

University of Florida Cyberbugs Teach Students About Entomology

Published: November 5 1998

GAINESVILLE—If you think you’ve got bugs in your computer, try logging into the University of Florida’s 4-H Bug Club.

UF Study: Delinquency Risk No Greater In Families With Stepparents

Published: November 4 1998

GAINESVILLE — Crime rates for adolescents from two-parent families are lower than for teens from single-parent families, even when one parent is a stepparent, a new University of Florida study finds.

UF Study: Brain Structure May Play Role In Children’s Ability To Learn To Read

Published: November 2 1998

GAINESVILLE—Brain structure and hand preference may be as important as environment in influencing a child’s ability to learn to read, according to a University of Florida Brain Institute study.

'Alternative' Medicine Becoming Mainstream, UF Study Finds

Published: November 10 1998

GAINESVILLE—Traditional medical providers may have a reputation for shunning alternative therapies, but health-care teachers are getting massages, learning relaxation techniques and trying other unconventional treatments at about the same rate as the general population, University of Florida researchers report.