NIH Awards UF Researchers Major Grants To Study Gene Therapy In Array Of Disciplines

Published: May 29 1998

GAINESVILLE—In the much-heralded race to cure disease using gene therapy, scientists have struggled with a persistent problem: how to best ferry copies of healthy genes into the human body.

UF Agricultural Economist Says Delay In Pesticide Ban Could Boost Support For Expanding Latin American Trade

Published: May 28 1998

GAINESVILLE—A University of Florida professor says agricultural industry support for expanding trade with Latin America could depend on delaying a 200l ban on a controversial but widely used pesticide.

New Dampener Makes Traffic Light Poles Safer, Longer-Lasting

Published: May 27 1998

GAINESVILLE — A mailbox-sized dampener designed by University of Florida engineers greatly reduces wind-driven vibration in traffic-signal poles, increasing their life span and stability.

UF Program Offers Communication Strategies To Hearing-Aid Users

Published: May 26 1998

GAINESVILLE—Hearing aids don’t restore normal hearing, but they do help and could be more useful to the estimated 85 percent of older Americans who could benefit from the devices but don’t wear them.

Modified Gas Turbine Engine Cuts Fuel Costs And Lowers Emissions

Published: May 19 1998

GAINESVILLE — University of Florida engineers are hoping to save taxpayers money by making more efficient and earth-friendly gas turbine engines for naval vessels and tanks, as well as helicopters and small power plants.

Massive Tests Could Lead To Cheaper, Safer Bridges

Published: May 18 1998

GAINESVILLE — It’s quiet, invisible and maddeningly complex.

Global Warming Could Disrupt Agriculture Around The Globe

Published: May 15 1998

GAINESVILLE—University of Florida researchers are peeking into the next century at what might happen to food crops if global warming continues at its current rate, and what they found is a good news/bad news situation.

UF To Screen All Newborns For Hearing Loss

Published: May 14 1998

GAINESVILLE—In their first months of life, babies drink in the details of their surroundings and begin to learn language from their parents’ soothing chatter. But for some, such words literally fall on deaf ears, though years may pass before someone recognizes it.

UF Bus Will Tour State To Show Off Emerging Fuel Cell Technology

Published: May 13 1998

GAINESVILLE — Florida residents will get a preview of what some automakers see as the successor to the internal combustion engine when University of Florida researchers begin touring the state’s cities in a rare, fuel cell-powered bus late this year.

UF Researcher: States Surge Ahead Of Faltering Federal Government

Published: May 12 1998

GAINESVILLE — The 90s may be remembered for the resurgence of the states, not a federal government mired in politics or scandals, says a University of Florida researcher.

Interplanetary Dust May Cause Climate Change, Gradual Extinction

Published: May 7 1998

GAINESVILLE — Space dust in the earth’s atmosphere and changes in the planet’s orbit may have started the gradual extinction of dinosaurs and other life thousands of years before a massive asteroid collision dealt the final blow, according to research from the University of Florida and the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

New Juice Process Takes The Pulp Out Of Fruit Juices

Published: May 6 1998

GAINESVILLE—Citrus and berry growers can squeeze more value out of their crops using a new juice processing technique invented by a University of Florida researcher.

Laser Mapping System Could Speed Post-Hurricane Rebuilding Efforts

Published: May 5 1998

GAINESVILLE — A state-of-the-art laser mapping system could save the state millions of dollars in surveying expenses and dramatically accelerate Florida’s efforts to rebuild its beaches after major hurricanes, say two University of Florida professors.

University of Florida hurricane experts

Published: May 5 1998

With 10 tropical storms — six of them hurricanes — predicted for the 1998 hurricane season that starts June 1, the University of Florida offers these experts for comment on hurricane-related stories:

Development not a factor in beach recovery, UF study finds

Published: May 5 1998

GAINESVILLE — Shorefront development does not appear to influence how fast beaches recover naturally after hurricanes, an ongoing University of Florida study has found.

To Have And To Hold: UF Shows Cocaine-Exposed Infants Fare Better With Their Biological Mothers

Published: May 3 1998

GAINESVILLE—It’s a debate that pits nature vs. nurture, and one University of Florida researchers hope a new study will soon settle: Are cocaine-exposed infants more likely to flourish or founder if their natural mothers lose custody?

UF Researchers: Study Yields New Hope For Cocaine-Exposed Babies

Published: May 3 1998

GAINESVILLE—In one of the first large, comprehensive studies to refute the long-held belief that cocaine-exposed babies often suffer major birth defects, University of Florida researchers found no consistent pattern of abnormalities in these children.

Published: May 8 1998

GAINESVILLE — Militia groups have the weapons, explosives — and a surprising degree of education — to back up their threats of increased violence as the new millennium approaches, says a University of Florida researcher who infiltrated the movement.

Published: May 8 1998

GAINESVILLE — Militia groups have the weapons, explosives — and a surprising degree of education — to back up their threats of increased violence as the new millennium approaches, says a University of Florida researcher who infiltrated the movement.