Research Into Cockroach Behavior Could Lead To Better Baits

Published: April 30 1998

GAINESVILLE—Take a left at the kitchen sink, a right at the toaster oven and then loop around the cookie jar and up the side to the lid that doesn’t quite close.

Elderly Face Risk Of Impaired Memory Following Major Surgery

Published: April 29 1998

GAINESVILLE — Anesthesia and surgery can impair short-term memory and cause confusion and other cognitive declines in some elderly patients, according to an international study initiated by University of Florida researchers.

UF To Hold Three Spring Commencement Ceremonies For the First Time

Published: April 27 1998

GAINESVILLE — The University of Florida for the first time will hold three separate commencement ceremonies Saturday (5/2), marking the end of the spring term. The change was made to accommodate the number of spring graduates and allow their families and friends the opportunity to attend the ceremony.

Deal Is Finalized For UF Hotel/Convention Center On Edge of Campus

Published: April 24 1998

GAINESVILLE — The Promos Hotel Corp., through its Doubletree Hotel subsidiary, announced today it has finalized an agreement with the University of Florida to manage a hotel and conference center on the western edge of campus.

UF Psychiatrists Use Antidepressants To Treat Smoking Addiction

Published: April 23 1998

GAINESVILLE—University of Florida psychiatrists are wielding new weapons in the war against nicotine addiction: antidepressants.

Raspberries Can Be A Moneymaker For Florida Farmers

Published: April 21 1998

GAINESVILLE—Raspberries, long considered a Northern crop, may find the South hospitable after all, researchers at the University of Florida have found.

UF Astronomers Part Of Team To Spot Possible Two-Star Solar System

Published: April 20 1998

GAINESVILLE — In a discovery they say could shed new light on the genesis of our solar system, astronomers with the University of Florida and Harvard University have found a star surrounded by a disk of dust that may be forming planets.

UF Researcher: Erotic Photos Deter Some Women From Breast Self-Exams

Published: April 17 1998

GAINESVILLE — Photographs showing women how to examine their breasts for cancer may end up discouraging some from doing the potentially lifesaving procedure, a University of Florida researcher has found.

UF Study: Frogs, Toads Seek Ranches As Safe Haven From Development

Published: April 16 1998

LAKE PLACID — Threatened with urban development as never before, frogs and toads increasingly are finding refuge on Florida ranch lands, a University of Florida study finds.

Battles Over Land Use Coming To North Florida, UF Researchers Say

Published: April 15 1998

GAINESVILLE — Florida’s urban mass could grow by almost half in the next 15 years, bringing gridlock and fights over water, taxes and land use to North Florida, according to new projections by University of Florida economists.

From Aid To Trade: New Book Focuses On African Entrepreneurs

Published: April 10 1998

GAINESVILLE —Just a week after President Clinton returned home from Africa, two professors at the University of Florida hope to continue the focus on the continent and its economy with the release of their book, “African Entrepreneurship: Theory and Reality.”

Hospitals, Dentists Could Reduce Mercury Pollution, Study Finds

Published: April 9 1998

GAINESVILLE — Although a majority follow the rules, some Florida hospitals could do more to remove mercury from medical waste or to replace mercury-containing devices such as traditional thermometers, a University of Florida study has found.

Hare-Raising Ventures On The Brink Of Success

Published: April 8 1998

GAINESVILLE—Florida rabbit farmers have cleared a major hurdle in stocking supermarket meat cases with rabbit cutlets, with recent approval from the USDA of a meat processing facility.

UF Studies Effects Of Weather On The Typical Southern Home

Published: April 2 1998

GAINESVILLE — University of Florida researchers are closely examining how harsh Southern weather affects the average home, hoping to determine, for example, how to produce roof shingles that last as long as they do on homes in the North.

Smaller, Lighter "Micro" Planes To Compete May 9 In UF Flyoff

Published: April 22 1998

GAINESVILLE — A police cruiser roars toward the site of a just-reported tornado, but downed trees and rubble quickly make the road impassable. The officer reaches into his glove box and grabs a tiny airplane and video monitor. Sending the plane aloft, he uses a radio-control handset to pilot it to ground zero, then radios information on damages and casualties to helicopters scrambling to the scene.

UF Economists: Consumer Confidence Hits Year's Second All-Time High

Published: April 28 1998

GAINESVILLE — Florida’s consumer confidence broke a new record in April by registering 107, its highest level since the survey began in 1984, University of Florida economists report. The preliminary consumer index is one point above the all-time high set in February and repeated in March, said survey director Chris McCarty, with UF’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research, which compiles the report.

UF Enters Negotiations To Provide "Gator-Ready" Computers To Students

Published: April 23 1998

GAINESVILLE — The University of Florida this week selected three national companies to provide “Gator-Ready” computers for students entering the university under its new computer access requirement.

UF's Sand Architects Try To Rebuild Coastal Dunes

Published: April 1 1998

GAINESVILLE—The side panel on Deborah Miller and Mack Thetford’s state vehicle could easily read: Dunes R Us.