UF Shark Expert: Dive-With-Sharks Vacation Trend Endangers Tourists

Published: March 4 1998

GAINESVILLE — Unwitting tourists risk injury and even death when they experiment with an increasingly popular vacation trend that encourages them to cozy up to hungry sharks, a University of Florida shark expert warns.

UF Researchers: Birth Rate Decline Helps Slow State Population Growth

Published: March 6 1998

GAINESVILLE — A decline in births as baby boomers age is helping to slow down the boom in Florida’s population growth, a new University of Florida study finds.

UF Wants To Know: Can Just Anyone Teach A Child To Read?

Published: March 10 1998

GAINESVILLE — University of Florida researchers want to know if just anyone can teach a child to read or if it takes special training, and while they don’t have a definite answer yet they already know one thing: Every little bit of tutoring helps — and in some cases, dramatically.

Computer Model May Give Farmers The Edge On The Next El Niño

Published: March 13 1998

GAINESVILLE — Drowned potato plants, rows of buckled corn stalks, ruined cabbage fields: El Niño’s torrential rains and powerful storms have hurt Florida vegetable farmers this year.

UF Race Relations Expert Says Racism Is At Its Worst In 30 Years

Published: March 30 1998

GAINESVILLE — Three decades after the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., racism remains firmly entrenched in American society, and popular culture and the news media are at least partly to blame, a University of Florida racial relations expert says.

Smallest Mets Fans Get New Roost For Ball Games

Published: March 20 1998

GAINESVILLE—When baseball fans start complaining about bats, it conjures up images of players in a batting slump.

UF Researchers Report Pilot Data From National Study Of Women With Heart Disease

Published: March 29 1998

ATLANTA—To the list of what makes men and women different, add a few new items in the category of heart disease.

UF Researcher Explores Front-Line Duty of Nursing Home Assistants

Published: March 19 1998

GAINESVILLE—Verbal and physical attacks are common in the nation’s nursing homes, but who many of the victims are might come as a surprise: nursing assistants, who endure aggressive behavior from residents on a daily basis, a University of Florida researcher has found.

Electronic Nose Knows When Seafood Is Safe

Published: March 17 1998

GAINESVILLE—To combat the rise in food-borne illnesses, University of Florida scientists are the first in the nation to begin testing highly accurate electronic noses that sniff out fishy seafood before it gets to the consumer.

Varroa Bee Mite, Now Resistant to Miticide, Again Threatens Honeybees

Published: March 11 1998

GAINESVILLE—Beekeepers in Florida are facing their once and future nemesis, the Varroa bee mite, but this time they are doing it without a weapon, say University of Florida and state honeybee specialists.

UF Economists: Consumer Confidence Remains At Historic Record High

Published: March 31 1998

GAINESVILLE — Florida’s consumer confidence sustained its record-setting pace in March, matching the all-time high set in February, University of Florida economists report.

UF Study: Men Think They Have Better Memories; Women Really Do

Published: March 12 1998

GAINESVILLE — Popular notion has it that a man won’t ask directions when lost on the road, but perhaps he should seek help from a woman to find something in the house, a University of Florida study suggests.

Cancer-Fighting Couple Makes $5 Million Gift To University of Florida Cancer Program

Published: March 25 1998

GAINESVILLE—A Jacksonville couple, both cancer survivors, has donated $5 million to the University of Florida College of Medicine’s cancer research program — a gift expected to speed the development of improved methods of cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment.

UF And Cuban Agricultural Economists Discuss Impact of Lifting Cuban Trade Embargo At March 31 Washington, DC Conference

Published: March 24 1998

GAINESVILLE—Politics aside, Florida agriculture — especially sugar cane, vegetables and citrus — could face yet another serious challenge from abroad if or when the U.S. embargo against Cuba is lifted, say University of Florida agricultural economists who have been studying the issue for more than four years.

UF Vice President of Health Affairs Assumes Role As Head of New UF Institute

Published: March 5 1998

GAINESVILLE, Fla.– David R. Challoner, head of the University of Florida’s Health Science Center, is leaving the post he has held for 16 years to launch an institute aimed at putting the state at the leading edge of biomedical research.

X-Rays: How Big A Risk To Kids? UF Researchers Seek Answers

Published: March 18 1998

GAINESVILLE — A team of University of Florida researchers is trying to come up with definitive predictions of the risks to children from different types of X-ray exams, an area that often leaves worried parents with unanswered questions.

UF Researchers Adapt Space-Age Technology To Citrus Farming

Published: March 3 1998

GAINESVILLE — Facing stiff competition from countries with cheap labor and few regulations, Florida citrus growers are battling for market share.

Seniors Engage The Outdoors And Explode Myths About Retirement At UF’s 4-H Camp Ocala Elderhostel Program'

Published: March 5 1998

GAINESVILLE — Audrey Heath owns her own kayak, walks four miles a day and can paddle a canoe for hours. An avid student of American birds, she hikes through scrub brush toting binoculars in pursuit of a rare avian find.