UF Economists: Strong Florida Economy Fuels Rebound In Retail Sales

Published: September 30 1997

GAINESVILLE — Florida’s consumer confidence continued its uphill trend in September, fueling a rebound in retail sales and expectations of a prosperous holiday season for retailers, University of Florida economists report.

UF Researchers Develop Computer Program To Accurately Stage Prostate Cancer

Published: September 26 1997

GAINESVILLE—University of Florida researchers have developed a novel computer program, a silicon soothsayer that predicts the likelihood prostate cancer has spread.

UF Study: Computer Companies Top State’s Fastest Growing Businesses

Published: September 25 1997

GAINESVILLE — This year’s list of Florida’s 100 fastest growing businesses is dominated by companies marketing computers and software, as well as human resource organizations including temporary employment firms, a University of Florida study has found.

Bananas Get A Boost From Science At UF/IFAS Research Center

Published: September 24 1997

GAINESVILLE—In a state where citrus reigns supreme, most residents view bananas as just something to slice up and toss on top of their Cheerios.

Faster, Cheaper Computer Revolution May End Soon, Say UF Researchers

Published: September 23 1997

GAINESVILLE — The era of smaller, faster and cheaper computers may soon end because microscopic silicon chips are getting so small that eventually they will contain too few atoms to work, warn two University of Florida researchers.

UF Researcher: Elderly Who Live In Low Income Housing Largely Ignored

Published: September 19 1997

GAINESVILLE — The Sunshine State is the sunset state for many of the 75,000 elderly people whose needs are left unserved in government subsidized housing, says a University of Florida researcher.

Poultry Club Gives Minority Children A Taste Of 4-H

Published: September 18 1997

LIVE OAK—At 14, Kelli Neal might seem young for a chicken farmer.

UF Study Reveals Loss In Sensory Perception

Published: September 11 1997

GAINESVILLE–A University of Florida researcher says you can pick out a lemon at any age — at least if you smell it.

Super-Thin Computer Screens Near Reality For Use In Tight Spaces

Published: September 10 1997

GAINESVILLE — Hospital rooms, surgery suites, fighter plane cockpits and tanks — high-priced real estate where space is at a premium. They also are perfect places for super-thin color computer monitors that will result from technology being developed at the University of Florida.

Sustainable Development: Taking The Message To The Marketplace

Published: September 9 1997

GAINESVILLE Home builders and real estate agents in rapidly growing Florida are learning that being green-minded can put more green in the bottom line under a new program developed at the University of Florida.

UF Researcher: Race Has No Place As An Official Category In Census

Published: September 8 1997

GAINESVILLE — Racial categories have no scientific validity, despite their political importance, says a University of Florida anthropologist whose group is asking that census takers ax such references altogether.

New Land Mine Detectors May Help Fulfill Princess Diana’s Dream

Published: September 3 1997

GAINESVILLE — A revolutionary new land mine detection system, developed at the University of Florida originally for military use, is ready to be converted for a humanitarian effort to rid the world of leftover land mines lurking in former war areas.

Tropical Perennials Can Help Florida Gardens Survive Summer

Published: September 2 1997

GAINESVILLE—Petunias are pooped and roses are ragged, geraniums are goners and daffodils are dead. The dog days of summer are here, and flowers everywhere are wilting and withering in the Florida heat.

UF/IFAS Vice President To Retire In 1998

Published: September 22 1997

GAINESVILLE—James M. Davidson, University of Florida vice president for agriculture and natural resources, has announced plans to retire on Jan. 31. Davidson is the administrative head of UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS).

UF’s $500 Million Fund-Raising Drive Unveiled With Half Already In Bank

Published: September 17 1997

GAINESVILLE —The University of Florida officially unveils its $500 million capital campaign this weekend with a series of events and the announcement that fund-raisers are already halfway to their goal.