UF Researcher: Working Full Time Does Not Deter Breast-Feeding Mothers

Published: July 31 1997

GAINESVILLE — Women who return to the workplace after having babies are just as likely to breast-feed as their counterparts who stay home, a new University of Florida study finds.

UF Pioneers Procedure To Prevent Incontinence After Prostate Surgery

Published: July 30 1997

GAINESVILLE—Using a technique akin to securing a hammock to a tree, University of Florida surgeons have suspended the bladder within the abdomen to prevent urinary incontinence in men whose cancerous prostate glands have just been removed.

UF Economists: Florida Consumer Confidence Hits New Eight-Year High

Published: July 29 1997

GAINESVILLE — Florida’s consumer confidence index hit an eight-year record in July, thanks to optimism about the national economy and the perception that now is a good time to buy big-ticket items, University of Florida economists report.

Virus That Could Devastate Southern U.S. Tomato Industry

Published: July 28 1997

GAINESVILLE—A virus that could ruin Florida’s $500 million tomato industry and spread throughout the South has been detected by researchers with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

UF Research Funding Hits Record High Despite Drops In Federal Spending

Published: July 24 1997

GAINESVILLE — Research funding at the University of Florida soared nearly 25 percent last year to a record $255.9 million, even as overall federal research spending — the university’s main funding source — is on the decline.

Snap! Crackle! Pop! Electric Bug Zappers Are Useless For Controlling Mosquitoes, Says UF/IFAS Pest Expert

Published: July 23 1997

GAINESVILLE—If mosquitoes and other insects are taking a bite out of your summer fun, don’t bother with one of those electric bug zappers, says a University of Florida pest control expert.

Taking Back The Neighborhood

Published: July 16 1997

GAINESVILLE In the shadow of the fairy tale world of Walt Disney, Orlando struggles with many of the same problems that affect all big cities.

UF Spinal Cord Patient Stable Following Landmark Surgery

Published: July 14 1997

GAINESVILLE—A 43-year-old Florida man was in serious but stable condition Monday, three days after historic surgery in which he became the first American with a spinal cord injury to receive a transplant of embryonic nerve tissue.

UF Researchers Perform First Nerve Tissue Transplant To Treat Man With Spinal Injury

Published: July 11 1997

GAINESVILLE—University of Florida researchers on Friday performed the nation’s first nerve tissue transplant on a paralyzed man to slow the progression of spinal cord damage.

UF Professor: Extreme Heat Poses Threat To Midday Exercisers

Published: July 8 1997

GAINESVILLE — A temperature of 90 degrees. Humidity at 85 percent. Heat index of 117 degrees and a UV index of 9.

Get Back To Nature To Chase Fireflies, UF Expert Says

Published: July 3 1997

GAINESVILLE—If you want to know where all the fireflies have gone, the world’s leading authority on them has some advice: Look for them.

American Movie Makers Still Afraid Of Slavery, Says UF Researcher

Published: July 2 1997

GAINESVILLE —Modern American movies need to feature more accurate portrayals of slavery so the country can deal with the past and move on, says a University of Florida researcher studying images of slavery in film.

Horse Breaks Track Record After Recuperating From Respiratory Disease

Published: July 1 1997

GAINESVILLE—A 3-year-old Thoroughbred colt, diagnosed with chronic lung disease last August at the University of Florida, now breathes the sweet smell of victory after breaking a track record and winning more than $44,000 in races this year.

Intravenous Antibodies Effective In Premature Infants’ Fight Against Infection, UF Researcher Says

Published: July 17 1997

GAINESVILLE—A premature baby’s early exit from the womb can leave the child in mortal danger from common infections other infants take in stride. One reason? Too small a helping of the mother’s disease-fighting antibodies.

Online Technology Redefines “Community,” Says UF Researcher

Published: July 18 1997

GAINESVILLE — Millions of dollars and years of research created a communications system where Star Trek fans in the United States can instantly trade information with fellow Trekkies in Peru or folk music aficionados in Alaska can update others in Bulgaria.