UF Researcher: Oldest Archaeological Site In Bahamas Yields Rich Food

Published: May 30 1997

GAINESVILLE — Looking for a healthy diet with Caribbean flair? How about iguanas, green sea turtles and red-footed boobies?

UF Economists: Good Economic News Fuels Two-Point Hike In Confidence

Published: May 27 1997

GAINESVILLE — A record high stock market and media reports of a healthy economy spurred a two-point rise in Florida’s consumer confidence in May, University of Florida economists report.

National Championship Gator License Plates Finally Available

Published: May 23 1997

GAINESVILLE — University of Florida National Championship memorabilia is everywhere. And now, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles is giving Gator fans across the state one more opportunity to display the victory — on their cars.

Scientists Test Carbonless Copy Paper For Sickening Side Effects

Published: May 22 1997

GAINESVILLE — Working closely with carbonless copy paper over a long period of time may cause severe health problems such as chronic fatigue, sinus difficulties and central nervous system depression, according to preliminary findings from a University of Florida study.

Strange Bedfellows: Warm Weather Means Dust Mite Population Explosion

Published: May 21 1997

GAINESVILLE—When it comes to creepy-crawly insect pests that thrive in warm weather, the tiny, almost invisible dust mite can cause big problems around the home, especially for allergy sufferers.

Termites At The Statue Of Liberty:UF/IFAS Scientist Controls Pest With New Baiting System

Published: May 15 1997

NEW YORK — Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. OK, but nobody said anything about termites.

UF Professor Helps Preserve One Of The Last Untouched Coastal Towns

Published: May 13 1997

FERNANDINA BEACH — Charlie Gallagher’s dirt-road, clapboard neighborhood may be on the National Register of Historic Places, but he doesn’t get too excited about it. Maybe it’s because he’s seen so much of Old Town’s history firsthand.

Grasshopper Gets Gator Nickname From UF Entomologists

Published: May 12 1997

GAINESVILLE — When the University of Florida won the national football championship in January, suddenly “official” thingamajigs of the University of Florida Gators were popping up everywhere.

UF Study Backs Suspicions: For Some, Sports Really Is Better Than Sex

Published: May 7 1997

GAINESVILLE — Some would say that for die-hard Gator fans, seeing their favorite team in action is better than sex. Now, University of Florida researchers have scientific evidence supporting it.

UF To Offer Masters Degree In Business Administration On Internet

Published: May 6 1997

GAINESVILLE —Personal computers replace podiums and cyberspace substitutes for the classroom for students in the University of Florida’s newest academic program, a master’s degree in business administration to be offered on the Internet.

Reminding Consumers To Buy Flowers Pays Off, UF Research Says

Published: May 5 1997

GAINESVILLE—Of course you’re planning to send flowers on Mother’s Day. It’s the second busiest flower holiday of the year.

Blood Test May Yield Marker For Childhood Behavioral Disorders

Published: May 1 1997

GAINESVILLE — A telltale protein believed to be linked to certain forms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and Tourette’s syndrome, a mysterious and humiliating nervous disorder, may be detected through a simple blood test, according to a recent University of Florida study.

Experts From UF Dig Up World’s Longest Solidified Lightning Bolt

Published: May 19 1997

GAINESVILLE — When researchers from the University of Florida began digging into the ground where a lightning bolt had hit, they thought it would be just another minor excavation.

Hand-Held Computers Speed UF’s Home Nursing Visits

Published: May 8 1997

GAINESVILLE—The University of Florida is one of five universities selected to test new software that can shorten the time nurses spend documenting patients’ health conditions.