UF Marketing Professor Predicts Summer Movie Hits And Misses

Published: April 30 1997

GAINESVILLE — Dinosaurs will devour the box office again this summer as the “Jurassic Park” sequel “The Lost World” outperforms all other releases, a University of Florida professor predicts in a new study.

UF Economists: Consumers In Buying Mood Despite Two-Point Setback

Published: April 29 1997

GAINESVILLE — Florida’s overall preliminary consumer confidence in April dropped two points, but a two-point rise in the perception that now is a good time to buy expensive items such as cars, appliances and furniture was the highest since September 1995, University of Florida economists say.

Revise State Building Codes And Pest Control Regulations To Reduce Termite Damage, Says UF Urban Entomologist

Published: April 28 1997

GAINESVILLE—Termite damage and control costs in Florida exceed $500 million annually, but could be reduced with pending legislation that makes builders and pest control operators more responsible for termite protection, says a University of Florida urban entomologist and head of a state pest control study committee.

Learning Cycles Affect Drug Use More Than Laws, Says UF Research

Published: April 24 1997

GAINESVILLE — The war on drugs wastes time and money in many ways because a boom-and-bust learning cycle shapes American drug infatuations more than get-tough policies, says a University of Florida researcher.

South American Cattle May Benefit U.S. Consumers And Beef Industry

Published: April 23 1997

GAINESVILLE—In the quest for the perfect steak, researchers with the University of Florida and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are looking to South America to give consumers and cattle producers just what they’re looking for.

Threatened Squirrels Can Call Golf Course Home, UF Researcher Says

Published: April 18 1997

GAINESVILLE — A threatened species of wildlife has turned to a decidedly civilized habitat in its quest for survival, says a University of Florida researcher.

UF Researcher: Shark Attacks Down Last Year Worldwide And In Florida

Published: April 17 1997

GAINESVILLE — It really was safer to go back into the water last year as the number of shark attacks worldwide dropped by half, a new University of Florida study finds.

UF And Fire College Linking Firefighters Statewide On The Web

Published: April 15 1997

GAINESVILLE — Computers will join hoses, axes and ladders in Florida’s fire stations, linking fire districts via the Internet under a program being developed by the University of Florida and the Florida State Fire College in Ocala.

Co-Housing More Family-Friendly Than Suburbia, Says UF Researcher

Published: April 11 1997

GAINESVILLE — The great postwar suburban experiment that was supposed to be a haven for family life may have failed American children, says a University of Florida researcher.

UF Researchers Create A Suit That Makes The Wearer A Living Keyboard

Published: April 9 1997

GAINESVILLE — A lone dancer clad in a form-fitting, white suit stands in the center of a dark, silent stage. With his face concealed by a mesh mask and wires protruding from the material, he resembles a robot in a science fiction film.

Spring Brings Together Snakes And Homeowners, Says UF Scientist

Published: April 7 1997

GAINESVILLE—The warmer weather of a Florida springtime draws both people and wildlife out of hibernation — a combination that makes snake-sightings much more common in April than any other time of the year.

University of Florida Affiliate Pioneers Cardiology Treatment

Published: April 2 1997

MELBOURNE—For the first time in Florida, physicians have the ability to remove blood clots from arteries using a nonsurgical procedure that can help people with a variety of medical conditions.

Largest Class Ever - 5,101 To Graduate May 3 At University of Florida

Published: April 25 1997

GAINESVILLE — The University of Florida expects to graduate its largest class ever as 5,101 students complete their studies at the end of the spring semester next week.

UF Professor’s Book Aims To Correct Western Image Of The Balkans

Published: April 10 1997

GAINESVILLE — Although the Southeastern European area known as the Balkans is synonymous with divisive, hostile political groups, Westerners who look no deeper than that headline-driven stereotype are missing the region’s deep cultural and religious identity, says a University of Florida professor.