UF Physicians Launch Cyberspace-Aided Study To Examine Safety Of Controversial Heart Drug

Published: March 31 1997

GAINESVILLE—University of Florida cardiologists are at the forefront of a $30 million study that will use the Internet to determine whether a treatment strategy for high blood pressure and angina increases the risk of heart attack, stroke or death.

UF To Host First International Flyoff For High-Tech Tiny Airplanes

Published: March 27 1997

GAINESVILLE — On a barren, smoky battlefield of the future, a soldier leading his platoon stops and pulls from his rucksack an airplane roughly the size of sparrow.

Peter Cottontail Can Be A Family Pet, UF/IFAS Rabbit Specialist Says

Published: March 26 1997

GAINESVILLE—A real Peter Cottontail can be a fun and educational addition to your family, not just an Easter guest, says a University of Florida specialist on raising rabbits.

UF Researchers: Consumers Are Optimistic But Have Long-Term Worries

Published: March 25 1997

UF Researchers: Consumers Are Optimistic But Have Long-Term Worries

Ostrich Farmers Enter Shakeout Period For Industry, UF/IFAS Expert Says

Published: March 21 1997

GAINESVILLE—Ostrich meat is about to go from nouvelle cuisine to the dinner table of the nuclear family, if Florida ostrich farmers’ predictions are on the money.

IPOs That Double At Debut Usually Dive InThe Long Run, Says UF Expert

Published: March 19 1997

GAINESVILLE — Hot new stocks that double in price on their first day of trading often end up losing money in the long run, according to a new study by a University of Florida finance professor.

School Kids Use GIS Computer Program For Global Grasp Of Their World

Published: March 12 1997

GAINESVILLE — Future city planners and commissioners might find a new group of informed citizens investigating their proposals – middle and high school students using advanced mapping technology available at the University of Florida’s P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School.

UF Researcher: Humans Make Extinction Happen 100 Times Faster

Published: March 6 1997

GAINESVILLE — Extinction is a natural process, but human activity can make it happen about 100 times faster, a University of Florida professor has discovered studying fossil records on South Pacific islands.

UF Researchers Compile First National Survey Of Gay And Lesbian Issues

Published: March 5 1997

GAINESVILLE — The biggest civil rights movement of the 1990s has been the silent but growing pace at which American communities have added gay and lesbian rights to their anti-discrimination laws, say University of Florida researchers whose new book is based on the first national survey of these issues.

UF Researcher: Depressed People Upbeat About Friends And Loved Ones

Published: March 4 1997

GAINESVILLE — Far from being negative about everything and everyone, depressed people actually are optimistic and positive when it comes to their friends and loved ones, a new University of Florida study finds.

UF Researcher Explores Protein’s Role In Kidney Stones

Published: February 20 1997

GAINESVILLE—The ultimate therapy for people with kidney stones may lie not only in careful meal planning and drinking plenty of water, but also in changing what the body’s cells make, a University of Florida researcher says.

UF Researcher Explores Spirituality’s Role In Health

Published: March 7 1997

GAINESVILLE—Can spirituality improve health? A University of Florida researcher is trying to find out, using a new scientific survey to put religion under the microscope.

UF Researcher: “What Does Your Wife Do?” Symbolizes Change

Published: March 13 2011

GAINESVILLE — The rise in abortions, divorces and women in the labor force represent greater equality between the sexes and not a moral breakdown of society, a University of Florida researcher says in a new book.