UF Astronomers Send School Spirit Soaring From Hawaiian Mountain

Published: December 31 1996

GAINESVILLE — Leave it to astronomers to take something as simple as school spirit and build it up to global proportions.

Holiday Retailers Experience Soft Sales, Say UF Economists

Published: December 30 1996

GAINESVILLE — A mediocre holiday season for retailers, stagnant wages and record-high consumer debt translated into a slightly gloomy outlook for Florida consumers in December, say University of Florida economists.

UF/IFAS Researchers Develop Vaccines To Control Deadly Tick-Borne Disease In Livestock

Published: December 24 1996

GAINESVILLE — In breakthrough research that will protect U.S. livestock and wildlife from a deadly African tick-borne disease, University of Florida scientists have developed two new vaccines along with environmentally sound measures to battle ticks and check the health of imported animals.

Kwanzaa Goes Mainstream As It Gains Acceptance Among Retailers

Published: December 24 1996

GAINESVILLE — Among the Santa Clauses, mangers and Menorahs of retail and grocery store displays, colorful swatches of African cloth are becoming more common across the country.

UF Professor: Books Make Great Gifts For Young Children

Published: December 20 1996

GAINESVILLE —With just a few shopping days left before Christmas, a University of Florida professor urges parents to leave a good book or two for their children under the tree this year.

UF Researcher: Self-Centeredness Plays Role In Holiday Gift Exchange

Published: December 19 1996

GAINESVILLE — The apparent selflessness of holiday gift-giving is more likely to be a selfish ruse to make the presenter look thoughtful, considerate or loving, a new University of Florida study finds.

Satellites Help Researchers Find New Habitats For Endangered Wildlife

Published: December 17 1996

GAINESVILLE —With species extinction on the rise and biological diversity on the decline, researchers are using satellite imagery in a search for possible new habitats for endangered wildlife.

UF Researchers Compare Drugs In Study Of Enlarged Prostate Disease

Published: December 16 1996

GAINESVILLE—A drug commonly prescribed to treat prostate disease is not as effective as its less expensive counterpart for men with a certain form of the disorder, report University of Florida and Veterans Affairs researchers in a recent issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

UF Researcher Launches Dental Reform Group

Published: December 12 1996

GAINESVILLE, Fla.—The number of teeth filled in the United States could drop by as much as 75 million annually if dental payment practices are reformed, a University of Florida researcher suggests.

UF Researcher Helps Establish New Views On Human Origins

Published: December 12 1996

GAINESVILLE —A University of Florida anthropologist is part of an international research team whose new findings could change the way human evolution theory is taught in some classrooms.

Short Children Too Often Viewed As Handicapped, UF Researchers Say

Published: December 11 1996

GAINESVILLE —The availability and aggressive marketing of synthetic growth hormone can lead to short stature in children being treated as a disease or disorder when often there may be no real problem, say professors at the University of Florida.

Insurance Industry Braces For Another Busy Hurricane Season

Published: December 10 1996

GAINESVILLE — Next year’s Atlantic hurricane season promises more storms – not a good prediction for South Florida, which still is paying for Andrew’s strike four years ago, said University of Florida professors.

UF Study: Ailing Black Elders Can Count On Help From Family And Friends

Published: December 5 1996

GAINESVILLE, Fla.—Blacks are twice as likely as whites to care for their aging relatives, University of Florida researchers report.

Florida’s Healthy Kids Plan Wins National Award

Published: December 3 1996

GAINESVILLE—Thanks to an idea that struck Steve Freedman while he was shaving nine years ago, thousands of Florida children now have access to affordable medical care.

This Year’s Citrus Crop May Bring Lower Prices To Florida Consumers, Growers

Published: December 6 1996

GAINESVILLE—Consumers may see a decline in orange juice prices at their grocery stores this spring, just as citrus growers around the state feel the effects of this year’s bumper citrus crop.