UF Economists: Post-Election Optimism May Lead To Higher Holiday Sales

Published: November 27 1996

GAINESVILLE — Strong consumer confidence may translate into good holiday sales for retailers, say University of Florida economists.

Composting Dead Chickens Is An Economical Way To Deal With Disposal

Published: November 26 1996

GAINESVILLE—In an effort to stay ahead of environmental rules that may prohibit burying dead birds, Florida poultry farmers soon may turn to composting the thousands of birds that die daily in chicken houses.

UF Researcher’s Experience With Poverty Provides Insight Into Welfare

Published: November 25 1996

GAINESVILLE— Cheryl Amey was a 30-year-old single mother of four living in poverty when she realized the only chance for a better life was to go back to school and get a college degree.

From Hogs To Lottery Tickets, Abstract Answers Florida’s Questions

Published: November 22 1996

GAINESVILLE—A typical phone call in a typical day for Carol McLarty might be from a reporter wanting to know where Florida ranks in U.S. hog production.

UF Survey Shows Retail Theft Has A Multibillion Impact On U.S. Economy

Published: November 21 1996

GAINESVILLE — A comprehensive national retail industry survey released today reveals retailers lost $27 billion, or 1.87 percent of their total 1995 annual sales to a combination of employee and customer theft, administrative error and vendor fraud.

UF Veterinary Team Implants Artificial Knee In First-Ever Procedure

Published: November 19 1996

GAINESVILLE—An aging Western cougar with a bad knee now has a new one after University of Florida veterinarians surgically implanted a prosthetic device for the first time in an exotic cat.

UF College of Journalism And Communications Founder Rae Weimer Dies At Age 93

Published: November 15 1996

GAINESVILLE — When Rae O. Weimer came to the University of Florida in 1949 to lead the Florida’s first journalism school, he arrived without a college degree or any professional teaching experience.

UF Scientists: New Termite Found In Florida May Be Highly Destructive

Published: November 14 1996

GAINESVILLE—A new subterranean termite recently discovered in South Florida may be just as destructive as the dreaded Formosan termite, say University of Florida scientists.

Seasonal Change Brings White Sharks To Florida, Says UF Shark Expert

Published: November 13 1996

GAINESVILLE — Cooler temperatures that mark the terrestrial migration of human snowbirds to the Sunshine State also encourage the ocean’s most dangerous predator to make its voyage here, says a University of Florida researcher.

UF Researchers: Heart Patients Who Exercise Have Lower Levels Of Harmful Hormones

Published: November 12 1996

GAINESVILLE—Rest may not be best for patients diagnosed with chronic heart failure, University of Florida researchers say.

Surfing The Web Helps First Graders Discover The Joy Of Reading

Published: November 8 1996

GAINESVILLE — Although they are too young to drive, first graders at Gainesville’s M. K. Rawlings Elementary School are taking to the highway — the information superhighway. And education scholars from the University of Florida say this highway can lead to greater learning.

Rich Archaeological Site Gives UF Scientists New Clues About Early Man

Published: November 7 1996

GAINESVILLE — A 10,000-year-old underwater time capsule is giving University of Florida scientists new clues about the first people to survive the tumultuous transition from the Ice Age to today’s modern climate.

University Of Florida Club Out To Change The Image Of Retention Ponds

Published: November 5 1996

GAINESVILLE — Proving that stormwater retention areas do not have to be unattractive cement pits or deep depressions in the landscape, students in the University of Florida Wetlands Club are redesigning a retention pond to both store extra water and preserve a piece of Florida’s wetlands.

Researchers Pinpoint Brain Signals Linking Low-Calorie Diet To Infertility

Published: November 1 1996

GAINESVILLE—Scientists have long known that dieting, fasting and malnourishment can cause at least temporary infertility in women and men. Now, for the first time, they think they know how.

Gators Help Bulldogs Walk - At UF Veterinary College

Published: November 6 1996

GAINESVILLE—The University of Florida Gators may have stopped the Georgia Bulldogs in their tracks Saturday, but UF veterinarians prefer to help bulldogs get back on their feet.

New MRI ‘Football’ Helmet Yields Clearer Images Of Brain

Published: November 27 1996

GAINESVILLE—At the University of Florida, football players aren’t the only ones wearing helmets these days. Off the field, UF researchers have developed specialized headgear to explore the body’s ultimate frontier–the brain.