Researchers Work To Make Environmental Testing Simpler, Less Costly

Published: September 30 1996

GAINESVILLE — As President Clinton pushes for quicker cleanups of urban waste and stricter enforcement against environmental crimes, researchers at the University of Florida are trying to make environmental testing methods simpler and less costly.

UF Economist: Peso Devaluation To Blame For Growers’ Woes

Published: September 24 1996

GAINESVILLE—Devaluation of the peso by the Mexican government is to blame for trade disadvantages that have hurt Florida’s vegetable growers for the past two years, according to University of Florida research.

UF Economists: Consumer Confidence Continues To Boost Clinton

Published: September 24 1996

GAINESVILLE — Another boost in consumer confidence in September may strengthen Clinton’s lead in Florida less than two months before the presidential election, but is no guarantee of a robust holiday season ahead for retailers, say University of Florida economists.

UF Centers Name Fastest Growing Companies In The State

Published: September 23 1996

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A University of Florida project has identified the fastest growing companies in Florida, a list of 86 businesses that have created more than 3,000 jobs.

Solar For Schools Program Takes Solar Science Into Middle School

Published: September 20 1996

GAINESVILLE—University of Florida energy specialist Roy Johannesen works with a group of dedicated solar scientists, investigating ways to harvest the sun’s energy.

Sound Systems For Hearing Impaired Help All Students, Says UF Expert

Published: September 19 1996

GAINESVILLE — Using special sound systems in classrooms helps kids hear better and leads to increased test scores and fewer behavioral problems, says a University of Florida professor.

Bad Words May Not Be So Bad, Says University of Florida Researcher

Published: September 17 1996

GAINESVILLE — No matter what your mother said, there may be times when swearing is appropriate, a University of Florida researcher said.

Value Of Some Agricultural Land Around The State Continues To Decline

Published: September 13 1996

GAINESVILLE—For the sixth consecutive year, the market value of Florida’s citrus lands has declined, according to a recent statewide survey conducted at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

UF Study: Girls With Attention Deficit Disorder Frequently Not Treated

Published: September 12 1996

GAINESVILLE— Picture a hyperactive child.

Boom In Natural Medicine Pushes Saw Palmetto Into Agricultural Big Time

Published: September 5 1996

GAINESVILLE—Florida’s next cash crop could come straight out of the wilds of South Florida, where the common saw palmetto grows. Researchers at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences say the plant’s berries some day could even rank among the state’s top agricultural commodities.

UF Study: Rural Elders More Likely To Enter Nursing Homes

Published: September 4 1996

GAINESVILLE—Older adults who live in rural America are more likely to enter a nursing home than their urban counterparts, report University of Florida researchers in the September issue of the Journal of Gerontology.

UF Engineering Students Develop World’s Fastest Milling Machine

Published: September 9 1996

GAINESVILLE — Staying one step of ahead of industry, a group of engineering students at the University of Florida has developed the world’s fastest milling machine.

Autumn Signals Seasonal Changes - Even In Florida, Say UF Experts

Published: September 20 1996

GAINESVILLE — The calendar may say Sept. 22 marks the first day of fall, but Florida residents transplanted here from the north may need more convincing.

“That Gunk On Your Car” Explained By University of Florida Author

Published: September 25 1996

GAINESVILLE —You probably never wondered much about those tiny insects that violently end their lives on the front windshield of the family car.