UF Researchers Describe Link Between Chronic Pain And Depression

Published: August 29 1996

GAINESVILLE.—Athletes thrive on pushing themselves to limit, training to the mantra, “no pain, no gain.”

Consumer Confidence Benefits Clinton In Election, Say UF Economists

Published: August 28 1996

GAINESVILLE — Consumer confidence in the national economy in August is unfaltering, boosting Clinton’s chances of capturing Florida’s electoral votes in the upcoming presidential election, say University of Florida economists.

Tobacco Regs The First Strike In A Long Legal Battle, Says UF Expert

Published: August 28 1996

GAINESVILLE — New federal tobacco regulations are just the first strike in what figures to be a long legal and political battle, says a University of Florida law professor who thinks the Food and Drug Administration’s new rule could face trouble in federal court.

State Hispanic Population Tops 2 Million, UF Study Finds

Published: August 26 1996

GAINESVILLE — Florida’s Hispanic population has broken the 2 million mark, and the youthful nature of the group bodes well for the state’s labor force, according to a University of Florida study that represents the first county-by-county breakdown of the state’s Hispanic population since the 1990 census.

UF Scientists Confirm Three Genes Linked To Diabetes

Published: August 21 1996

GAINESVILLE—University of Florida researchers are making steady progress in solving one of nature’s most challenging genetic puzzles: finding the intricate bits of DNA that make some people susceptible to developing insulin-dependent diabetes.

UF-Led Research Team Finds Sea Turtles Can Travel A Third Of The Planet

Published: August 19 1996

GAINESVILLE — By using natural genetic “tags,” an international team of scientists has demonstrated that sea turtles migrate further than any other marine animal except seabirds.

Modern Darwin Focuses On Extinction Of Species In Galapagos

Published: August 15 1996

GAINESVILLE — Humans have erased eons of evolution on remote Pacific islands, says a University of Florida researcher who follows in Charles Darwin’s footsteps on an upcoming television special.

Consumers Beware: Some Landscape Plants Can Harm Environment

Published: August 15 1996

GAINESVILLE—Shopping at the nursery for something pretty and unusual to add to your home’s landscaping?

Homeless Are More Than Just Passive Victims, Says UF Researcher

Published: August 12 1996

GAINESVILLE — Like eager job seekers who present the right attitude, technique and dress for success, the homeless can go to great lengths to get what they need, says a University of Florida researcher.

Both Dole, Clinton Have Reasons To Worry, Say UF Political Scientists

Published: August 9 1996

GAINESVILLE — The Republican National Convention will be so watered down that much of the viewing public will turn it off, robbing Bob Dole of needed visibility, says Kenneth Wald, a University of Florida political science professor.

UF Research Yields New Understanding of Drug-Resistant HIV Strains

Published: August 6 1996

GAINESVILLE—Physicians who treat HIV-positive patients face a daily dilemma: how best to quash a disease caused by a virus that rapidly mutates within the body and quickly resists the drugs used to fight it.

UF-Led National Study Reveals Most Common Hepatitis C Strain In U.S. Is Most Difficult To Treat

Published: August 1 1996

GAINESVILLE—The most common strain of chronic hepatitis C in the United States is also the most difficult to treat, according to the largest survey ever conducted of patients with the life-threatening liver disease.

Florida’s Natural Tranquility Is Being Threatened By Airboat Noise

Published: August 22 1996

GAINESVILLE — As Florida’s population grows, residents’ rights are increasingly clashing with the rights of those enjoying the state’s natural resources, a conflict exemplified by the fight over airboat use, said a University of Florida researcher and his professor.