Supreme Court Ignores Discrimination In Voting Booth, UF Experts Say

Published: July 31 1996

GAINESVILLE — Are Americans color-blind when they enter the voting booth?

UF Economists: Consumer Confidence Undampened By Stock Market Dip

Published: July 30 1996

GAINESVILLE — Despite a volatile stock market, the confidence of Florida’s consumers remained unchanged from June to July because they perceive prices to be relatively low, say University of Florida economists.

Political Ads To Hit New Low This Year Despite Revived Presidential Image

Published: July 29 1996

GAINESVILLE — Independence Day is one of the best things to happen to the American presidency in a long time, although the coming onslaught of sleazy political spots may negate the film’s impact.

Wisdom Tied To Life Satisfaction In Old Age, Says UF Researcher

Published: July 26 1996

GAINESVILLE — A wise outlook on life is more important to the elderly than the comforts of health, money or good housing, says a University of Florida researcher.

Health Concerns Cause Consumers To Pass Up Only An Occasional Serving Of Beef, UF Researcher Finds

Published: July 25 1996

GAINESVILLE—Consumers are not as worried as they used to be about fat and cholesterol in beef and other products but they are concerned enough to pass up an occasional serving, research by a University of Florida professor shows.

County Projections of Economic Activity To The Year 2010

Published: July 22 1996

County level economic forecasts to 2010 have been released by the University of Florida, Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR).

Florida Researchers Discover Gene For Fatal Childhood Disease

Published: July 18 1996

GAINESVILLE—University of Florida researchers have identified the gene that causes a rare, fatal childhood disease, according to a report published in Today’s issue (7/18) of the journal Nature.

Proper Handling, Storage Can Keep Salads Safe, UF Researcher Says

Published: July 17 1996

GAINESVILLE—Vegetable salads served in supermarkets and restaurants generally are safe, although mishandling sometimes leads to contamination with bacteria, according to a study by a University of Florida food safety researcher.

UF President Names Dr. Elizabeth Capaldi As Next Provost

Published: July 15 1996

GAINESVILLE —University of Florida President John Lombardi today announced that the school’s next provost will be Dr. Elizabeth “Betty” D. Capaldi, a respected educational leader whose current titles include psychology professor, director and special assistant to the president.

Increasing Honey Prices Have Farmers And Consumers Buzzing

Published: July 12 1996

GAINESVILLE—Want the real buzz on honey?

Hurricane Experts Gather To Discuss Lessons Learned From Destruction

Published: July 11 1996

GAINESVILLE — As residents along the Atlantic Coast keep a wary eye on Hurricane Bertha, experts from around the country are trying to analyze the lessons learned from last year’s destructive storm season — the busiest in more than 60 years.

Effort Thought To Be The Key To Success In Some Homes, UF Study Finds

Published: July 10 1996

GAINESVILLE —Poor black mothers who do not have an advanced education are not deterred from encouraging their children to succeed in mathematics, a new University of Florida study finds.

Southern Pine Beetle Reaching Outbreak Levels In North Florida

Published: July 3 1996

GAINESVILLE—Southern Pine Beetle populations have exploded to outbreak levels along the Suwannee River in Hamilton and Madison counties, where the tree-killing beetle has invaded several pine plantations.

Centennial Olympics? Yes, But 100 Years Old? Not Really, Says UF Expert

Published: July 2 1996

GAINESVILLE — As the world prepares to celebrate the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, a French idealist is again being heralded as the idea man behind the first events in 1896 and the originator of the modern Olympics.

UF Researchers Identify Gene Flaw Linked To Disfiguring Tumors

Published: July 1 1996

GAINESVILLE—By tackling one of the most difficult genes to analyze, researchers have pinpointed a genetic flaw involved in the development of skin tumors associated with a disfiguring disease of the nervous system.

Recognizing First U.S. Women’s Champion Is A Step In The Right Direction

Published: July 9 1996

GAINESVILLE — Margaret Abbott may finally be getting the credit she deserves.

Florida Researchers Develop “Tick Licker” To Help Fight Disease

Published: July 22 1996

GAINESVILLE— University of Florida scientists have designed a device destined to tick off a pest that has long menaced man and deer alike.

Gainesville Man Is Florida’s First Cystic Fibrosis Patient To Receive Gene Therapy

Published: July 24 1996

GAINESVILLE—A 34-year-old Gainesville man was in good condition today (7/24) after becoming the first patient in Florida to undergo gene therapy to combat cystic fibrosis, the most prevalent lethal hereditary disease in America.