Florida Consumer Confidence Levels Off In April, Say UF Economists

Published: April 30 1996

GAINESVILLE –Rising gasoline prices and long-term interest rates may cause consumer confidence in Florida to dip slightly in May after leveling off in April, University of Florida economists reported today (4\30).

Impending Graduation Leads Seniors To Brace For The Worst

Published: April 30 1996

GAINESVILLE — As college graduates across America collect their diplomas, chances are they are not optimistic about their job prospects, says a new study appearing in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Drama Of Discovery Draws Amateur Archaeologists, Says UF Researcher

Published: April 26 1996

GAINESVILLE—Learning something new about something old explains part of archaeology’s lure to legions of amateurs who follow their passion despite bug bites, bad food and nonexistent plumbing, says a University of Florida anthropologist.

UF Researcher Uses Gene To Produce Longer-Lasting Flowers

Published: April 25 1996

GAINESVILLE—The petunias in University of Florida researcher David Clark’s greenhouse are the Energizer bunnies of flowers — they keeping blooming and blooming and blooming.

Florida Researchers Embark On Major Studies Of Oral Insulin Capsule For Diabetes

Published: April 25 1996

GAINESVILLE—In two new nationwide studies, an oral insulin capsule will be tested for the first time in hundreds of people in an attempt to prevent or stall the onset of insulin-dependent diabetes.

Study Reveals Elder Parents Value Their Adult Children Living With Them

Published: April 24 1996

GAINESVILLE — When adult children and their elder parents live together, both groups tend to be relatively happy and satisfied with the arrangement, says a new University of Florida study.

Official-English Laws Boost Discrimination, Says UF Law Professor

Published: April 23 1996

GAINESVILLE — If you can read these words, chances are you don’t think a law making English the official U.S. language will change your life.

UF Survey About Camping With Pets Could Affect Policy And Tourism

Published: April 22 1996

GAINESVILLE—Florida’s state park campgrounds don’t leave the light on for pets, but a UF survey may help officials decide if these unique members of the family should become overnight guests at campsites across the state.

Minorities Will Soon Be Majority In The Classroom, Except For The Teacher

Published: April 19 1996

GAINESVILLE—African-American teachers may be an endangered species by the year 2000, although the majority of the students will be minorities, said a University of Florida researcher.

Chicago-Kent College Of Law Dean To Be Next Law Dean At UF

Published: April 17 1996

GAINESVILLE — Richard Matasar, dean of Chicago-Kent College of Law, will be the next dean of the University of Florida College of Law, UF President John Lombardi announced Wednesday.

UF Conference To Offer Researchers A Close Look At Hidden Sites

Published: April 12 1996

GAINESVILLE—Satellite radar imagery is giving scientists a first-ever look at ancient cultures, some buried beneath dense jungle or tons of sand.

Cypress: From Wetlands And Wildlife Habitat To Flowerbeds And Front Yards

Published: April 11 1996

GAINESVILLE—Cypress mulch, commonly considered the “Cadillac” of mulches, is widely used in professional landscaping plans and the yards of Florida homeowners. But at what price?

Central Florida Caterpillar Outbreak Ending, Says UF/IFAS Entomologist

Published: April 9 1996

GAINESVILLE—A University of Florida entomologist has reassuring words for Central Florida homeowners who see a caterpillar carpet when they look out at their yards: The fuzzy visitors will be gone in a few more weeks.

Winter Chill Hurts Easter Lily Crop, But Survivors Will Be Beauties, UF Scientist Says

Published: April 5 1996

BRADENTON—It’s been a rough year for Florida-grown Easter lilies. Unseasonably cold weather earlier this year will cause some plants grown outside the warmth of a greenhouse — about 30 percent of the state’s crop — to bloom well after the April 7 holiday.

Youths Tried As Adults Reoffend More Quickly, UF Study Finds

Published: April 4 1996

GAINESVILLE—Popular “get tough” measures fail in dealing with juvenile crime, suggests a University of Florida study, which finds that youths tried as adults commit new crimes at higher rates than their counterparts who stay in juvenile courts.

UF Professor: Advertising Onslaught Has Become Part Of American Culture

Published: April 1 1996

GAINESVILLE—There are few places left in society where people can go to escape the onslaught of advertising, but according to a University of Florida English professor, the public almost enjoys being courted by commercialism.

UF Professor: Many Environmentalists Don’t ‘Walk The Walk’

Published: April 18 1996

GAINESVILLE — More than a quarter century after the first Earth Day, record numbers of Americans call themselves environmentalists, but few put their beliefs into action, says a University of Florida researcher.