Real Estate Survey

Published: February 1st, 2011

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Real estate experts are showing some renewed optimism in Florida’s housing market. Now they’re waiting for potential buyers to agree. The University of Florida surveys brokers, agents, and other real estate experts on their views of Florida’s real estate market each quarter. The latest survey, covering the last three months of 2010, suggests changes in state and federal government have led to increased optimism. Many are looking to the newly sworn-in Florida governor to help the market along.

Tim Becker/UF real estate researcher: “He’s more business friendly. He wants to make Florida more viable for businesses to come in, and he wants to create 700-thousand jobs.”

Foreclosures and expectations for the market are beginning to stabilize. Survey respondents say job growth holds the key to keeping the real estate market on the road to improvement.

Tim Becker/UF real estate researcher: “The good part of this survey is that we’re still on that path. Nothing’s kind of derailed us from that path. We’re gonna get better. It’s gonna be slow. We need to keep working our way to getting job growth in the state.”

Survey results suggest the market should continue to stabilize over the next year, which many consider the first step in a possible turnaround.

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