Eating Disorder Exercise

Published: January 13th, 2011

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Some might consider exercise a little dangerous for a person with an eating disorder, but new research shows a healthy workout could help nurse some back to good health. A University of Florida study finds that regular exercise can have positive physical and mental effects for treating and possibly even preventing an eating disorder.

Heather Hausenblas/UF exercise researcher: “Unfortunately, with individuals with eating disorders, it’s been viewed as negative and its been viewed potentially as the cause of the eating disorder, which is not necessarily the case. We know that exercise results in improvements of body image, self-esteem; for example, body composition, which are all major risk factors of eating disorders.”

Researchers say by taking ten minute walks, three times a day, you’ll do all the physical activity you need to get all the health related benefits.

Heather Hausenblas/UF exercise researcher: “Exercise for almost all people is going to result in positive benefits, both physical and psychological. The problem occurs when people exercise to an extreme like any behavior you do; you can’t do too much of it.”

Eating disorders put a strain on the health care system and the economy. Experts say a healthy workout routine could lower the cost of treatment.

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