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A UF Laser’s Latest Application: Mapping Endangered Bird Habitat

Published: Aug 31st, 1999

GAINESVILLE — With a population of around 3,000 living only in the Florida Everglades, the Cape Sable seaside sparrow is one of the nation’s most endangered birds.

UF Economists: Florida Consumer Confidence Drops Four Points

Published: Aug 31st, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Consumer confidence in Florida dropped four points in August, reflecting growing pessimism about higher interest rates, worries about the Y2K computer glitch and the national economy in general, University of Florida economists report.

University of Florida Researchers Test Drug From ‘Transgenetic Sheep’ In Study At Shands At UF Teaching Hospital

Published: Aug 30th, 1999

GAINESVILLE—In an early test of breakthrough technology, University of Florida researchers have begun the first pilot study to determine whether the milk of genetically modified sheep can help people prone to life-threatening lung problems caused by a specific protein deficiency.

Coastal Clean-Up Efforts Take A Dive In Pensacola

Published: Aug 27th, 1999

PENSACOLA—As volunteers from around the state begin their annual coastal cleanup projects in September, University of Florida marine agents are taking the effort to the next level by removing underwater debris before it washes up on the shoreline.

UF Researcher: Phosphate Waste Product Makes A Good Fertilizer

Published: Aug 26th, 1999

ONA — Low-cost fertilizer could be the answer to dealing with the more than 1 billion tons of waste material accumulated by Florida’s phosphate mining industry, new research at the University of Florida shows.

Founding Dean Of Medical Schools At The University Of Florida And Penn State Dies Near Home In North Carolina

Published: Aug 26th, 1999

GAINESVILLE—Dr. George T. Harrell Jr., the founding dean of medical colleges at the University of Florida and at Pennsylvania State University, died today (Aug. 26) at Duke University’s hospital in Durham, N.C., after a brief illness. He was 91.

Mosquitoes Have Discriminating Tastes, UF Researchers Find

Published: Aug 20th, 1999

GAINESVILLE—If you think mosquitoes like you better than they like other people, you’re probably right, say University of Florida researchers.

Strong Economy Continues To Spur Florida’s Growth, Estimates Show

Published: Aug 19th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Plenty of jobs and a booming economy made Florida’s population growth the largest of the 1990s during the year that ended April 1, according to the latest preliminary estimates from the University of Florida.

Simply Brilliant: UF/Russian Team Makes Gem-Quality Diamonds

Published: Aug 18th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Like Superman squeezing a lump of coal in his mighty fist, scientists and engineers from the University of Florida and Russia are speeding up Mother Nature’s handiwork through creating gem-quality diamonds with man-made heat and pressure.

Dr. Thomas Maren, A Founding Father Of UF’s Medical College And Renowned Basic Scientist, Dies At Summer Home In Maine

Published: Aug 16th, 1999

GAINESVILLE, Fla.—Dr. Thomas H. Maren, a founder of the University of Florida’s medical college whose four decades of basic scientific research led to the development of a top-selling drug for glaucoma, died after a lengthy illness Sunday at his summer home in Bar Harbor, Maine. He was 81.